Where does DAM fit into your broader business strategy? This white paper points to answers.

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Your Business Strategy and the DAM Revolution White PaperDigital asset management matters a whole lot outside of marketing meetings and creative workflows. Ultimately, the benefits impact the overall efficiency of your organization. Those in C-level positions should know that if your digital media is being managed poorly, everything else gets sluggish.

That's why we recently released this white paper titled "Your Business Strategy and the DAM Revolution."

In this white paper, we help you understand the importance of good digital asset management (especially in video) to your organization's strategies and meeting its goals.

Here's an excerpt from the paper:

However, quite the opposite is taking place in today’s business arena, where signs are growing of a wave of revolutionary business transformations that definitely will be “televised” — and those transformations are being driven by video. For any company’s leadership, it’s a question of whether an organization leads the charge now or plays catch-up later.

These sweeping changes are closely connected to the convergence of such developments as the expanding role of social media, the growing consumption of media (especially video) on mobile devices, and the impact of “big data” capabilities, all developments that marketers and C-level leaders should be keeping their eyes on and adapting to. A key factor in enabling these revolutionary transformations is the increasingly sophisticated use of digital asset management (DAM) systems that can effectively deliver video in ways not previously possible.

Savvy marketing executives, brand managers, and CMOs are putting it all together and recognize the marketing implications of these DAM-driven changes. In addition, the broader strategic implications of DAM are beginning to also get attention from C-level executives and senior management.

What are your broad business priorities? Are your DAM practices and digital asset management software (or lack thereof) getting in the way of meeting your goals?

Download the white paper and start down the path to answering those questions. If you need some extra help, check out our consulting services and request a consultation to set up a time to chat about your DAM needs.

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