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Which DAM Software is Best for Your Team?

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Which DAM Software is Best for Your Team?Finding the best digital asset management software for your company can be a challenging process due to the high number of DAM solutions available on the market. To simplify the process of looking at various digital asset management programs, it's best to start by understanding WHY you need DAM in the first place. Regarding DAM as a service to existing problems will help you come up with a shortlist of the most effective DAM solutions. This is particularly valid when one considers that the DAM needs of companies are far from uniform because of differences related to how and where they work.

In addition to understanding exactly why you need DAM, it's important to look into different scenarios that involve digital asset management processes of creating, managing and distributing digital media. The following are three basic scenarios that play fundamental roles in determining how digital asset management tools will best fit your company:

1. Video production – Does your company have a focus on video production? This can signify videos for broadcasting purposes, e-learning courses, or short form marketing videos. Video production needs differ for different applications of video and so do the DAM tools that support these processes.

2. Publishing – Does your company produce catalogs, mailers and other types of published media? Is it involved with multi-channel publishing or rights managed content syndication? Again, various publishing toolsets can be found within different DAM solutions and should be examined carefully.

3. Management of marketing and branding materials – Arguably the most common need for DAM, this includes photo archives, a corporate image library, marketing asset management services for the production of ads, brochures, and other marketing collateral endeavors that incorporate branding.

Once you understand the reasons for needing DAM and the scenario or multiple scenarios in which your company can be placed, then you can take a deeper dive into the DAM vendors offering such solutions that fit various scenarios. Some of the questions to ask and inquiries to make include:


    • Is the vendor a veteran in the DAM space? – If they have just started making software engineered for the management of digital assets, then their products may lack the expertise garnered from years of experience offered by helping many other companies. This isn't to say that new vendors to the game will offer bad products, but there is a good chance that they lack the type of experience that results in highly effective, up-to-date DAM solutions. Ask not only is the vendor a veteran, but how have they evolved over the years and what does their roadmap look like.


    • Is the vendor supporting clients similar to my company? – As with any company, the efficacy and quality of their products is mirrored by the successes their clients share. If they keep losing customers then they probably aren't offering anything of great worth. If, on the other hand, they keep their clients, then said companies are enjoying their DAM investments. Furthermore, you can piggyback from shared solutions and marketing best practices from other successful companies in similar or different markets.


  • What does the DAM company’s service model look like? – Keeping your DAM system up and running at all times can be vital for a number of reasons because your digital assets are often the lifeblood of your sales and marketing operations. The benefits of having a trusty service provider in your corner mean that your DAM system will always work and be used to its full potential.

The high number of DAM offerings can present difficulties to finding the best solution for your team. Use the advice given above to put your company on the right road to the most appropriate DAM service. To experience the service from one of the leaders in digital asset management space, request a demo of the Widen Media Collective.


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