Why DAM Works Best in a Software as a Service Platform

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SaaS DAM vs. Custom SoftwareIt’s easy to understand why many companies like the idea of having a customized software solution. After all, who wouldn’t want something designed and built to fit all of their needs? Not only that, but decision makers are also frequently under the impression that they can be involved with designing the software and thus will have more control over it. The issue of control also comes into play if the buyer obtains complete ownership of their custom created software. What could possibly be wrong with software made to order that could help the company improve efficiency and the bottom line?

The answer, unfortunately, is that a great deal can go wrong with such customized software and even if it works, complications associated with custom software can make it more trouble that it is worth. Of course, plenty of custom software works out fine even if it is several months before it can be effectively used and gives in-house IT people major headaches. Whether custom software remains to meet the changing needs of the organization, however, also depends upon what it will be used for because there are certain types of software whose very nature collides with in-house hosting.

DAM software is a perfect example of solutions that just don’t work well when purchased as a custom solution that is meant to be hosted in-house for organizations light on internal IT resources. DAM often requires IT support that demands continued attention and resources to the changing digital media needs of the organization. A few of the reasons why digital image management and video asset management work better under the Software as a Service model are:

    • In-house hosting of digital assets gums up the works – Well, actually, it’s the large size of high resolution graphics and video assets that causes problems with in-house technology. Videos are among the most valuable of assets and because they are easy to make, companies can quickly add dozens or hundreds of videos to their central media asset library in a short span of time. Unless a company has a huge amount of bandwidth and the capability to store an immense amount of digital media locally, hosting a digital asset library in-house is simply not an option because it causes too many problems with local networks. However, hosting digital assets externally in the cloud with a SaaS DAM provider, ensures smooth, quick, and easy management of digital assets along with more opportunities to augment the amount of assets available through frequent repurposing.


    • Quick deployment leads to greater return on marketing investments Instead of having to wait for a product that may or may not work and almost certainly needs refining before it can be effectively used, proven SaaS solutions designed for digital asset hosting can be used within 6-9 weeks of purchase versus 6-18 months for a locally-installed custom solution. The quicker you can launch your DAM system, the quicker you'll be able to improve the return on marketing investments and realize a rapid ROI based on increased efficiencies. Furthermore, your ROI will be realized by speeding time to market and empowering sales channels with appropriate marketing resources and selling tools.


  • Help and support technicians are available when you need them In-house IT people are already buried in managing projects critical to the core business operations. Furthermore, unless your company employs specialists in the inner workings of digital media and related software, your IT staff is likely incapable to support the complexities of your rich media management applications. Also, with a customized DAM product, your internal IT resources are less likely to be able to quickly troubleshoot problems that may arise. Plus, when you customize it, you own it and are responsible for it and getting help can be very costly. However, with a SaaS DAM solution, you have a team of people in your corner who understand the ins and outs of the software and provide ongoing help desk and tech support teams that are readily available when you need them.

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