Why Interns are the Perfect DAM Software Researchers

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There's a crucial difference between opportunities and priorities.

Opportunities are those things that put your business in a position to grow, operate more sustainably and reach goals more efficiently.

They don't become priorities, however, until your organization begins actively seeking ways to seize those opportunities.

The tough thing about reconciling your hierarchy of opportunities and your priority list is this: you can have an infinite number of prime opportunities, but there's only room for one item in each slot on your priority list.

It's for this reason that—despite the great benefit to companies and marketers, the proven ROI track record, and the sheer savings of time and money likely to result from the process—researching digital asset management programs all too often falls by the wayside. And it's understandable. After all, no matter how much you want to give it the time it deserves, you and your teams have other things going on that have smaller, but more immediate consequences than shopping around for DAM.

So how can you take care of right now without neglecting the long-term benefits of streamlining the use of your digital asset library?

Digital Asset Management White PapersHere's one way: have an intern do it.

Information about DAM (be it information that deals with the subject broadly or media that showcase the functionality of individual systems) is very readily available online. Your interns should be able to scour the Web and compile that information for you in a way that's easy to review and that sufficiently informs your purchasing decisions. Saving you plenty of time that you can spend on those operations that require your attention and knowledge.

What's more, Digital Asset Management system implementations have a deep impact on the way your operation will run. A vital role in that process is experience that will have more value to your intern than making coffee runs and clearing paper jams—so, paid or not, you'll have a motivated researcher on your side.

Although it seems like having interns take this task on would work really well, we've observed that under 2 percent of the contacts listed for our last 600 prospects at Widen identified themselves as interns. Seemingly, there are a lot of organizations out there not capitalizing on the potential to have their interns make this deep and lasting impact.

How do you utilize interns in your organization? Are there other ways that their potential might be going untapped? Are there reasons you wouldn't give them this whole in the DAM research process? Let us know.

If you're on a research mission, be sure to download our two most recent white papers:

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