Why is Digital Asset Management for You?

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There are certain moments in time that alter the history of mankind. In many of these times the human ability to create technology has taken center stage. Once the technology is in place, it fundamentally changes how we look at the world forever. Think how different the world would be without irrigation to bring water to previously uninhabitable regions, how James Watt revolutionized the transportation industry with the steam engine, or how Johannes Gutenberg helped the distribution of information through the invention of the printing press. An amazing feat of mankind is the advancement of knowledge at breakneck speeds. One look at the fast-paced, ever-changing landscape of computer technology is proof that our world is still changing.

The most significant and fastest growing technological change in our world is the digital influence in our everyday lives. Let’s face it; we live in a digital world. The Internet has been one of the most important human accomplishments in the history of mankind. The Why is Digital Asset Management for You?ability to share resources and knowledge with people on the other side of the world, from virtually anywhere in the world, in a fraction of a second has been liberating to say the least. Through this growing industry, amazing advancements have been made through collaborations that were all but impossible twenty years ago. To deny how the world has been changed, is currently changing, and has yet to evolve, would be unwise in the world of business.

For example, take the seemingly simple task of storing media files. In days past, one would place important documents, photos, or film, in a physical storage. If your needs were small enough a filing cabinet would do. However, it was not uncommon for mid-sized to large companies to devote a great deal of their resources in the storage of their increasingly large media collections (imagine the sheer volume of media associated with marketing production, brand management, library services, or photo and video archiving). Entire floors or buildings would be devoted to the physical storage of media files. Additionally, as the media collections grow, it becomes increasingly inefficient to sift and sort through them to find what you want.

Currently, companies have to deal with more rich media than ever. With photos, graphics, PDF files, video and audio files, Flash animations, web pages, and logos, one would expect handling the media would be exponentially worse.  Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution to this problem today, Digital Asset Management (DAM). More people are realizing that there are companies who specialize in Digital Media Asset Management to help them share media seamlessly. No more going downstairs to the archives in the basement to search for that video you need for a presentation, no more scouring your (or your co-workers) hard-drive looking for the JPEG that would compliment your design perfectly, and no more worry about what happens if your computer crashes or your building goes up in flames. DAM has all of your media files easily accessible, effortlessly sharable, and backed up.

Selecting a DAM system can be an important decision for your company. It is important that the system you go with supports your needs, and is easy to manage. For this reason, many choose to go with a Software as a Service model, such as one offered by Widen. The Software as a Service model avoids the cumbersome task of installing software on your computers that is often outdated within a few months, and instead hosts your DAM needs through an online service. This unique model allows your DAM Asset Management service to operate seamlessly and without a team of IT workers relegated to the software. Choosing a DAM system could be vital to the continued success of your company. Even if you do not feel the need now, with the continued pace of technology you will likely feel the need soon.

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