Why It's Worth It to Invest in DAM Software

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Every business needs to invest in technologies that keep them competitive and increase profits. However, with so many tools and technologies out there, how does one make the right decision? Which programs or software will pay for themselves and if so, in what amount of time? These aren't easy questions to answer but don't need to be that difficult if the ways the product can save money are readily apparent.

This is the case for a technology that is rapidly becoming a necessity for most businesses who want to excel in today’s modern marketing environment tasked with controlling the flood of digital media. The technology space for Digital Asset Management Programs involves providing a means of storing, organizing, and managing and organizations growing digital media library of brand assets, can certainly show ROI. Some of the ways DAM does this are by:

Saving money – What better way to tell if a tool will show ROI than by saving the company money? DAM does this by allowing a business to save on labor costs in multiple departments – creative, marketing, and IT to name a few. The number of employees and time used for managing digital assets can be quickly replaced with a good DAM system because it will easily take care of the same tasks eliminating highly manual processes. When using DAM as a service, costly upgrades will also be eliminated by DAM systems that provide them as part of the service.

Higher productivity – DAM organizes digital assets and allows for centralized control. This in turn makes it far easier for employees involved in design and production to access and communicate about brand assets. More, higher quality assets get produced in less time and the company ends up with more effective marketing campaigns.

More effective branding – Centralized control over assets fostered by a DAM system also works perfectly for branding. By only allowing users access to updated branded materials, the use of assets with outdated or incorrect logos and images can be quickly eliminated. Such control over branded materials is exactly what is needed to ensure that branding is consistently and effectively accomplished.

Boost in efficiency - DAM supply chain services can help with catalog production, graphic design, web development, online marketing and other services to such an extent that it ends up enabling these departments to focus on critical tasks and core competencies that contribute to stronger revenue growth.

The time saved and quality service provided by a robust DAM system ensures that the investment will pay for itself in a short amount of time often inside 12 months. To see how SaaS DAM technologies from Widen can do this, request your live online product demo to learn more.

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