Why Your Company Needs Digital Asset Management

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Why Your Company Needs Digital Asset ManagementMost companies have become largely paperless as computers have replaced typewriters and word processing software has improved. One of the many benefits of using digitized documents, files, and images is that they can be easily reused and repurposed with very little extra cost. This advantage of digital documents was often overlooked until the tech industry started buzzing with talk of digital assets and their management. When the word was out about digital files, pictures, and documents being more correctly referred to as "assets", the demand for DAM software also increased. Nevertheless, a variety of DAM offerings and misunderstandings about the benefits of digital asset management tools have resulted in common misconceptions when talking about DAM.

Some companies aren't sure why they need DAM even if they suspect that using their digital assets could be a much smoother process. To make things a bit more clear about DAM, the following are some basic reasons why your company needs it:

1. Search time for assets – Studies have shown that creative professionals only find the digital asset they are searching for 35% of the time when not using digital asset management. However, this figure goes down to 5% with the help of DAM. The implications for this are substantial for a business if one thinks of the amount of time wasted when multiple users search for assets.

2. Centralization = optimized workflow – DAM affords the type of centralized control needed when dealing with thousands of digital assets that can be used by a large number of associates over a huge geographic area. Workflow is optimized because administrators only give users access to those assets determined to work best for their particular situation.

3. Correct use of branded materials – Branding is a tricky game that requires careful control over marketing assets. DAM asset management provides the type of organization and control needed to carry out effective branding on even the grandest of scales.

4. Cut costs with improved efficiency – The ability of DAM to save time at various levels adds up for a powerful increase in efficiency. This in turn results in more employees being able to spend more of their time focused on core tasks for higher productivity. Costs go down because DAM takes care of some basic management procedures that would have otherwise required more workers, or taken valuable employees away from more important assignments. The big increase in digital assets and a subsequent need to properly manage them has made DAM an invaluable tool for every company.

Watch a demo of Widen SaaS DAM to learn more about how digital asset management can help your team.

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