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Widen and TINT Launch Integration for Sourcing and Repurposing User-generated Content

by Jake Athey, July 10, 2018

TINT and Widen Integration to collect user-generated content

Integration enables marketing teams to ingest user-generated content from TINT into the Widen Collective® with metadata and image rights

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with the social display platform TINT. Mutual customers can now ingest user-generated content (UGC) from social media via TINT directly into the Widen Collective with all the metadata, including image rights. The integration enables brands to easily repurpose UGC for marketing initiatives at scale without the risk of misusing images.

When a customer told us that Widen plus TINT would be a match made in heaven, we knew we had to do it. We think TINT offers an outstanding UGC system, and we’re glad that our mutual customers can make the best possible use of it.

TINT enables marketers to aggregate, moderate, and display social media galleries on everything from mobile apps to event-sized jumbotrons. Among many other tools, the platform TINT offers a UGC engine that enables marketers to source content and clear image rights to be individually repurposed as single assets in emails, social networks, ad units, and print.

TINT is a natural partner for Widen and the Collective, which tracks image rights and automatically retires expired assets before marketers or salespeople misuse them accidentally. Normally, a DAM administrator would have to input UGC image rights for each new asset. The integration eliminates that time-consuming step, enabling marketing, PR, and sales teams to use the UGC faster.

UGC has become a powerful marketing asset for organizations aiming to create relevant, authentic content yet save money. When a brand welcomes customers to share its story from their perspective, the content tends to be more authentic, relatable, and higher performing for conversions. And, whereas professional creative services often require weeks or months of work, a UGC campaign can produce good content in a matter of hours or days. Once the UGC reaches the Collective, marketers can verify, review, and distribute the content as usual.

Georgia State University, Red Wing Shoes, and Delaware North –– mutual customers of Widen and TINT –– helped pioneer the new integration. Terry Coniglio from Georgia State University offered the following comments on the experience:

“We want to be able to show prospective students and alumni what campus is like on a daily basis, and it’s hard for our staff to be everywhere all the time. Sourcing and combining UGC from our students into Widen is a great way to achieve those needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner, and ultimately deploy these quality stories to our community. After all, tapping into the creative perspectives from our students not only engages them to create more content for us, but also resonates with prospective students because of the authenticity. ”

“Our customers love to utilize their UGC, but mentioned workflow obstacles to fully repurpose them across all their marketing channels. That’s when I thought to integrate UGC directly into their DAM, and when searching for the best DAM on the market, I found Widen. We can’t wait to offer this integration and workflow to more customers who can increase engagement and marketing performance by utilizing UGC,” says Tim Sae Koo, CEO at TINT.

Speak with an expert to learn more about how the Widen + TINT integration can work for your marketing team and organization.

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