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With the holidays approaching, many of you have probably done a bit more shopping than normal.  And have you noticed the different service levels between stores?  Some are great, some are horrendous, some couldn’t even spell ‘service’ if their life depended on it.  This is true regardless of the industry.  In our industry – digital asset management – there are companies that think service should be an additional charge or contract and those companies that give ‘service’ a bad name because what 'service' they provide is so poor.  How do we know this?  Well for starters our clients tell us.  We gain so many new clients coming from other DAM providers and they are more than willing to share their service horror stories.

So what does Widen do differently?  In both our software as a service and premedia services divisions of our company, we have dedicated support staff for each client.  Problems with uploading an asset?  We’ll help.  Need color retouching?  We’re here.  Want to ad video management?  We do it.  We encourage our clients to call, email, or use our live chat when they have questions.  By having a dedicated support team, questions are resolved faster and customer (and user) satisfaction skyrockets!

Prior to our summer release, our clients and users relied upon emails and calls for questions.  But with our 5.2 release, we added live chat support to our repertoire of support.  Users of our application can use live chat and do screen sharing with our support team which greatly speeds up solutions.  And we do all of this for everyone!  We don't charge additional for 'service contracts' and we won't.  So remember us during the holidays and we'll be here when you want service and digital asset solutions.

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