Widen customer stories of pain, laughter, emotion, resolution and trust

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Video highlights from the 2015 Widen digital asset management customer tour

In late January of this year, Nina Brakel-Schutt (Widen Brand Strategist) and myself, Al Falaschi (“Video Guy”), embarked on an epic content tour. We visited with five of Widen’s customers covering multiple cities, states and countries. In hindsight, Nina and I should have figured out who was Steve Martin and who was John Candy in our version of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles.” While I concentrated on the video interviews, Nina set up additional written interviews with other power users at each location. She was able to create a multitude of written pieces based off those interviews. 

In order for something like this to work, a number of things need to fall in place. First, you need to have completely satisfied customers. This is no easy task, but Widen seems to do pretty well in this area. :) Then you have to have awesome customers that have the ability and willingness to go on camera to share their story. Check! To add drama, there needs to be some obstacle, so we dialed up the biggest Snowpocalypse storm in the last 10 years to make traveling a little bit more challenging. 

In the end, we had the great pleasure to sit down with six of Widen’s best DAM admins. They were unbelievably gracious with their time and their feedback. We video taped each interview and brought back a treasure trove of great footage after five days on the road. 

We interviewed:

  • Monique Zurita of Teach For America (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Barbara Alexander of Coty, Inc. (New York, NY)
  • Kate Akasha of Gaylord Archival (Syracuse, NY)
  • Stewart Dick of Sheridan College (Toronto, ON)
  • Britta Charbonneau of Sheridan College (Toronto, ON)
  • Chelsea Rommes of Centria (Pittsburgh, PA)


Here is a highlight video of some of their most impactful statements.

The video starts out with everyone talking about their pain points of managing digital assets before Widen. You can feel their pain, and laughter in some cases, as they think back on how it used to be. In their current situation with DAM, it almost seems comical.

You can feel the transition to a positive vibe as they started to implement the Media Collective and spread its use throughout their organization. Monique highlights this when she talks about suddenly being able to quickly search over fifty thousand images and, amazingly, find the one that she wanted.

Not to say that DAM software is a commodity, but if it were, the next section highlights how Widen has really set itself apart from the other vendors in the space. Barbara so eloquently outlines this when she says, “I honestly think the most valuable feature is the people at Widen. No kidding. This is truly something that they’re vested in, each and every one of them personally, and that comes through every time I interact with the team.” Monique added on to explain how customer service is woven into our entire culture. It is not an add on for a price.

A DAM system does many things, so it has inherent complexities. Making it easy to use for over 200,000 users worldwide is one of our biggest challenges. According to this group, we nailed it. Stewart used a word that resonated with us. He said that the Media Collective’s ease of use was empowering to Sheridan’s user base. A software solution can only have positive effects on an organization if it is used and embraced by as many users as possible. Giving their users the feeling of empowerment over their digital asset search has other departments asking for access. It has also helped on the admin side for Barbara, allowing her to make changes to the system without needing a developer. This has allowed them to react quickly to market opportunities that they otherwise might have missed out on.

Implementing a DAM is an investment that any organization will want a return on. It should have positive effects in both the short term with small projects and in the long run with the grand vision. Chelsea and Barbara highlight this very well. Chelsea talks about how it has reduced her workload by 60 to 70 percent on small jobs, allowing her to do other marketing-critical tasks. Barbara doesn’t pull any punches when she confidently says that DAM is the “lifeblood of an organization” and that “it feeds every team initiative in one way or another.”

Getting it straight from real customers, on video, is the best recommendation an organization can ask for, and we got them. Stewart and Barbara had amazing recommendations, and we thank them for their kind words. Barbara recommends Widen without hesitation, even going so far as to say “it’s a no-lose proposition.”

See what other customers have to say about their Widen experience or get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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