Widen DAM Tips & Tricks: Cleaning up Assets without Categories

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I regularly assist customers with tidying up their DAM sites – by helping to configure roles and asset groups, to populate metadata and other contents and help keep everything in order to maximize user adoption.
Looking at customer sites, I often see several outstanding “administrator jobs.” The Admin area of DAM sites provides administrators with a boatload of helpful “housekeeping” tasks and notices. The number one housekeeping item I help many customers with is cleaning up assets without categories.
Oftentimes in DAM, you have the searchers and the browsers. Searchers are totally knowledgeable and savvy about searching by keyword because they (typically) know what they’re looking for. Browsers are those that may not know exactly what they’re looking for, so they choose to sift through the category tree. Our analytics data tells us that most customer sites have an equal balance of users who search with keywords and users who browse categories – literally a 50/50 split.
If you have a high volume of assets without categories, you’re potentially missing out on tremendous opportunities to ensure the category browsers are finding your assets. When users are unable to find the asset they’re looking for, all the investments in photography costs, video shoots and designer time are lost.
Here are a few helpful hints on how you can tackle minimizing the volume of assets without categories in your administrator queue:
  • Break your administrative tasks into manageable sections such as by asset group
  • Leverage the batch editing functionality when possible
  • Enlist the help of others familiar with the assets in each asset group to manage the administration of categories
  • Block out 30 minutes each week to catch up with your DAM maintenance
  • Ask if Widen can help!
We’re available to offer suggestions and assistance to help minimize the volume of assets without categories. Learn more about Widen’s consulting and administrative services or contact us to get in touch with a Widen DAM expert to talk more.
Also, check out the the Admin Playbook for a complete and detailed how-to guide on being the very best digital asset management administrator you can be.
Check out these screens in your Widen Collective digital asset management application.
Sample Widen Media Collective Administration Dashboard
Sample Widen Media Collective Administration Dashboard
Sample Widen Media Collective Assets without Categories Queue
Sample Widen Media Collective Assets without Categories Queue

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