Widen Eases Pains of Cultural Shifts

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At times companies see the immense benefits of getting hosted Digital Asset Management, but still hold off for the fear of the “huge” culture shift they think needs to take place. The main fears of ownership, security, training and support are all valid points of concern. However, with a Software as a Service company like Widen, these concerns are put to rest and expectations are exceeded. Let’s face it, we can’t afford NOT to. Being a month to month subscription based service, none of our clients are on long term contacts. If you are ever unhappy, Widen provides you back your assets and you’re on your way. You owe it to your company to give it a try.

Let’s break down the main fears I mentioned above. I’ve heard the fear of having companies like Widen come in all of the sudden they own the assets you give them to store. This can’t be more far from the truth with Widen. Yes they “live” on our servers, but you remain in complete control with full ownership, full access, and if the agreement is terminated we send you everything back.

Security is always going to be a concern, however with hosted models it’s always more of an issue. Rest assured, Widen comes complete with nightly backups, weekly offsite backups for disaster recovery, and 24/7 infrastructure support. We always have more copies of our customers’ files than they do. What’s that Motorola? We exceed even your high standards?

Training and support. Do you even get that with an installed solution? After two weeks Widen has your site up and ready for you to come in and begin training. We hold your hand every step of the way with online web meetings, recorded tutorials, and live chat. Widen even supports your end users. That’s almost unheard of in most atmospheres. Your DAM expert is always a phone call, email, or a big green “live chat” button away for the entire duration you are with us.

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