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Widen Establishes European Headquarters in London

by Jake Athey, February 5, 2018

While we’re actively supporting Widen Collective customers and users around the world, we’re thrilled to be enhancing that support by opening our European Headquarters in London, England. This new location will expand support hours and professional services for customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We help 600 of the world’s most influential brands create compelling, meaningful, and measurable digital experiences. More than 368,000 users in 158 countries trust Widen to power their brand management, content lifecycle management, and creative operations.

The London headquarters will house teams in customer support, customer experience management, professional services, and marketing and business leadership. They will complement Widen’s existing teams in Madison, enabling Widen to grow sustainably in Europe.

“We serve dozens of customers in Europe and see it as a natural extension,” said Annette Jensen, Head of Global Strategy at Widen. “Through a regional presence, we aim to build stronger relationships, provide hands-on services, and become an active player in Europe’s marketing technology community.”

Beginning today, Widen expands support hours to:

North America 
3 a.m. - 7 p.m. CST (UTC-6h), Monday - Friday 
Email, chat, and phone 

Europe, the Middle East, and Africa
10 a.m. - 2 a.m. CET (UTC+1h), Monday - Friday
Email, chat, and phone   

In 2018, our teams will participate in marketing technology events held in Europe. They include:

  • Creative Operations 2018, March 7, London
  • Marketing Technology Expo, March 21-22, London
  • I-COM Global Summit, April 9-12, San Sebastian, Spain
  • DMWF Conference & Expo Global, April 16-17, London
  • Widen Workshop, June 27, London
  • DAM Europe, June 28-29, London

For more details on these events, read Where to Find Widen in 2018.

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