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Explore Widen's New Digital Asset Management Trial Experience

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Photos of people on bikes. "Paths" leading the bike photos. And "eudaimonia" listed toward the end of every line on an eight-spoke pattern.


Try before you buy with a test run of Widen’s digital asset management software

Your organization should feel confident about the investments it makes. After all, you wouldn’t buy a new car without taking it for a test drive, right? So you shouldn’t buy a new software solution without testing it either. A trial site (also referred to as a sandbox or guest pass) helps build that confidence by allowing buyers to experience software usability, features, and potential before making a purchase decision. 

A digital asset management (DAM) solution is a critical part of your marketing technology (martech) ecosystem. But the range of systems that claim space in the DAM market are plentiful, which can make it tricky to know exactly how much solution you need to solve your business challenges. This is where a trial experience can really come in handy — to demonstrate the breadth of a platform in a manageable environment.

Our DAM software, the Widen Collective®, offers a trial experience based on a fictitious retail brand called Eudaimonia. The Eudaimonia brand and all supporting materials in the trial site are inspired by content management needs of enterprise marketers and creatives. Using our free trial site, people can test the Collective’s primary capabilities firsthand, like searching, filtering, and downloading. Buyers can also explore our flexible approach to metadata, which helps users easily find the right content when they need it. And you can explore a beautifully designed brand portal to see how easy portals make it to create and share web pages of on-brand assets.

To make sure people continue getting the maximum value from our software trial experience, we’ve updated its look and feel! Here are the changes you’ll find:

Logos: The new Eudaimonia logo is a simple, modern design that represents fluid motion using a rounded, organic letterform. The new sub-brand logos for Bliss and Reflektor are progressive and kinetic to convey the edge of adventure.

Colors: The color palette is vibrant and inviting — consistent with Widen’s brand palette — to inspire you as you explore the capabilities of the Collective.

Illustrations: The illustrations are icons and diagrams that represent bike part details and biking concepts.

Shapes: Circles are featured throughout Eudaimonia’s branded materials, which represent the circular motion of bike wheels and the cyclical process of the content lifecycle.

Photography: The photos represent both lifestyle and product imagery for Eudaimonia’s sub-brands, Bliss and Reflektor. 

Sales and marketing materials: From product manuals and packaging to event signage, promotional videos, and brand guidelines, the materials in our trial site encompass the types of digital assets any business would use to market a retail brand. 

One of the greatest benefits of updating the look of our trial site is showing how DAM is a launchpad for your brand. Notice how the Eudaimonia brand is the common thread that ties together our login page, dashboard, and portal experiences? This visual continuity connects the user experience as you enter the trial site, navigate the dashboard, and interact with Eudaimonia’s brand-approved assets. This continuity is something to aspire to in your own Collective site.

Eudaimonia Bikes

How to make the most of your Widen Collective trial experience

If you take the time to try before you buy, you’ll want to make the most of your software exploration. Follow these tips to help determine if the Collective is right for you.

Try the Collective with your business needs in mind

After talking to people who will use a DAM solution at your organization, you may have compiled a list of system requirements. This could include things like easy-to-use, flexible metadata, or multi-faceted search. Approach our trial experience keeping your specific needs in mind.

Remember, trial experiences aren’t meant to show you everything 

Many trials present the primary technical capabilities rather than opening up a whole solution to you, and that’s okay. Learn the basics about our solution in our trial site, then arrange time afterward for a deeper conversation with a Widen DAM advisor.

Get a live demo to see the full functionality of the Collective 

Follow our trial experience with a live demo to see why over 660 brands across 175 countries trust Widen to help manage their brands and market their businesses more efficiently.

Managing thousands of brand assets across multiple teams and locations is a never-ending effort regardless of your organization’s size. Your brand differentiates you from the competition and helps you stand out from the crowd, so be proactive and give it the control and consistency it deserves. 

Experience Eudaimonia and the Widen Collective for yourself. Get started with your free trial today. 

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