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Widen has it, others don't

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Widen has it. Others don't!
Not all DAM providers are the same. Some just don’t do the things Widen does. They won’t tell you about it, of course. And we don’t blame them.
OK … maybe we blame them a little.
Our developers work together with customers, our marketing team, our support teams and others to ensure that our DAM software is always evolving and improving in ways that address the needs of marketers, creatives and digital media professionals like you. After all, your needs are always evolving, too. So why shouldn’t we?
We’ve got some pretty cool stuff going on under the hood of Widen Media Collective. Here’s a bit of what our customers get from our system.
Don’t just search … FIND!
It might seem like a silly distinction, but we’re always pushing ourselves to build tools that make your experience less about searching for your digital assets and more about actually finding them. For instance, in addition to our core search methods, Media Collective DAM enables you to filter by:
  • Categories: Much like a folder structure, but way more flexible. Category structures are hierarchical, yet assets can easily belong to more than one category. Customers often mock their category structure after the folder structures they migrate from or mimic the taxonomy of their website(s). Categories are often organized by product or brand for some customers. Regardless, those who are the “browsers” or “sifters” can find content as easily as the “searchers.”
  • File Type: Assets of all different file types — think images, video, audio, Flash, PDF, Office documents, compressed archive, etc. — can share a lot of the same searchable metadata. For instance, searching using keywords that are associated with certain video content might also pull up, audio from the video. And transcripts of the video. And stills from the video. Maybe even PowerPoint presentations from the video (happens here all the time). Being able to search by file type eliminates unnecessary clutter on your screen, helping you work smarter. 
  • Average Rating: Media Collective allows certain users to rate assets on a one-to-five-star scale. If you’re letting people rate the assets, it’s because their opinions matter. So shouldn’t you be able to search for assets according to their average rating? Seemed like a five-star feature to us.
  • Collections: Sometimes you’re searching for whole collections of assets. When that’s the case, Widen DAM lets you search accordingly, showing only collections (or, on the other hand, individual assets) as results for your query.
In addition, we do full text indexing — in all romance languages — of your documents, so their contents are totally searchable. What’s more, you can save searches that you perform frequently, so you don’t need to spend half your week checking off boxes and typing in keywords.
Widen Digital Asset Management Search and Filters
Widen's robust search options and filters allow you to search and sort by categories, file type, average rating, collections and more.
Custom metadata filters
Your organization is unique. Your metadata should be, too. We don’t put any limits on the number of custom metadata schemas and fields you use, so your assets and their metadata can be as rich as your marketing. Your custom fields can also employ discrete values for use as filters. For instance, location, style (e.g. product shot, room scene, lifestyle) or others.
A tip: Don’t go too crazy. Some people get excited and create way more fields than they need, which can just lead to confusion. These tools can be powerful, but having them is only half the battle. You’ve got to make sure you’re managing the data right.
Robust preview capabilities
We know you have a lot of assets. In many instances, you’ll have to review a number of them to pick out the one that’s best for your needs in the moment. This goes beyond just switching the view from list to thumbnail. With Media Collective, you can get quick view previews, easily zoom in on images to make sure they’re just right, see cropping and clipping paths, flip through documents, watch full videos, see previews of your InDesign files and more.
In other words, by the time you’ve hit the “download” button, you’ll know that you’re getting all the right stuff.
What’s more, we support access to your library via mobile devices, so you can search through your media practically anywhere, any time.
Unlimited category structure 
We like to classify stuff. It’s just human nature. And when things are classified well, they’re far easier to identify or find in a crowded space. The same is true of digital assets.
Not everybody needs a ton of categories and subcategories. But in some cases, the classification is so clear and crucial to things running smoothly, that it becomes necessary to put a really deep structure in place. For those instances, we’ve removed any limits on how many categories you can create in your DAM system, and assets can be assigned to multiple categories at a time.
Some categories, of course, are more important than others — perhaps because they’re more popular, or maybe because you’d like to call people’s attention to a valuable, but unpopular category of assets. When that’s the case, you can assign spotlights (thumbnail previews) to top level categories for display on the dashboard.
Asset Group level permissions
Permissioning of assets (that is, who gets to see and use what) is tied not to a folder structure, but to what we call “asset groups.” Learn more about that in our roles & permissions cartoon.
There are a few advantages to doing this this way.
For one, taxonomy becomes independent of security, so you can approach each strategy separately, without one handcuffing the other.
Among other things, you can set permissions related to:
  • Access to view based on active, expired or unreleased status
  • Access to download and share
  • Whether assets orders require approval from admins
  • Metadata editing
Tiered Administration
Not all admins and users are alike. Our DAM software allows for tiers of administrative access, so you can tailor your admins’ power to the needs of your organization. While others might see this as an opportunity to charge you more, we think this sort of thing ought to be a given. We also understand that things change, so we’re open to working with you if and when you need to change the admin structure to address organizational changes at your company.
...and much, much more.
  • On-the-fly file conversions for images, audio & video
  • Collaboration & workflow features
  • Socialization features within the application — comments, ratings, favorites, flags, alerts, notifications
  • Sharing via public and private galleries and landing pages
  • Web publishing with embed codes & social publishing (permission based)
  • Reporting & Analytics — the data is all accessible
  • Integrations all along the asset lifecycle
This might have been a lot to take in, but we know it’ll come into its clearest focus when you’ve dug into Widen DAM for yourself. Get in touch with our DAM advisors to learn more about the system and see this stuff in action!

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