Widen makes play into cloud file sharing & collaboration space with Smartimage

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In a recent CMSWire article by David Diamond, titled “Five Reasons Why DAM is No Photoshop,” Diamond comments that, “Just as one could argue that PayPal should have been a product of Western Union, it's easy to argue that Dropbox and Google Drive should have come from a DAM vendor. After all, back when DAM started, there was no Google or Dropbox.”
In fact, Widen had been developing digital asset management (DAM) technologies before there was a DAM industry presence, starting in the mid-1990s.
Widen also developed and employed a very simple FileSender utility before YouSendIt became popular (and before Dropbox and Google Drive).
Real Story Group has covered the DAM Lite subject only a little bit, and they’ve recently begun covering the Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration space more holistically.
What is Cloud File Sharing and Collaboration?
According to Real Story Group, cloud file sharing and collaboration refers to a set of tools that provides services for file sharing and collaboration using a cloud-centric deployment model. For file sharing, simplicity is the key selling point and this is where the cloud excels.
Now, Widen has made a play of its own with Smartimage.
We’re not (yet) calling it DAM Lite or a Dropbox contender; however, Smartimage is geared to serve the very basic needs of graphic designers and brand owners in the SMB space who are in need of a tool intended for managing and sharing professional marketing imagery. Smartimage was created for graphic web designers to better cater to the demands for marketing communications, advertising, press relations, sales and distribution channels.
Smartimage is a very simple, cost-effective brand image management application where you can keep all of your high-quality product images, logos, and marketing materials in one place - in the cloud so it’s easily accessible and secure. When you have an event and need to provide your logo, people portraits, product images, or marketing materials, you can just send a link to download the high-quality content from Smartimage and rest assured that what’s printed or placed on a website looks sharp and accurately represents your brand.
Smartimage ~ Image Management Made Simple
Smartimage is a very simple image management tool from Widen, made specifically
for storing and sharing the high-quality marketing imagery needed everyday.
Some of the general features of Smartimage include:
  • A simple, curated user experience.
  • The ability to create collections to view and share content publicly or privately.
  • Manage graphic files, including logos, images, and documents, for print and web consumption.
  • Download original files or common conversion formats in different sizes.
  • Share individual files and collections via email, embed codes, or on Facebook.
  • Collect, track, and analyze activity, such as views, shares, and downloads.
Smartimage is made for design professionals and brand owners because it offers high-quality graphics support for TIFF, EPS and Adobe Illustrator (AI) files – the bread and butter for professional marketing imagery.
Other special features unique to Smartimage include:
  • Auto conversion to common formats/sizes (e.g., AI files to PNG and TIFF/EPS files to JPEG).
  • Robust vector rasterization. Smartimage automatically renders EPS vector files up to the largest downloadable thumbnail size (2880 pixels wide).
  • Automatic categorization. Vector files, raster images, and PDF documents are automatically sorted into corresponding sections for logos, images, and documents.
  • Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos in your collections to associate all brand assets in one complete package.
  • Create unique brand spaces with a cover photo and custom color palette for sharing your content within the context of a complete branded experience.
Free Trial Available
Anyone can peruse Smartimage.com and gain a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities of the product. A free trial is available if you’d like to test it out. If you like Smartimage, we’d love for you to sign up for a paid plan, upload more files, and invite more users. Smartimage plans start at $50 per month for 50GB  and six users.
A Little More Background on Smartimage
Smartimage is a product of Widen Enterprises based in Madison, Wisconsin. We’ve extracted much of the functionality from our mid-market / enterprise DAM product - the Widen Media Collective - used by big brands like Motorola, LG, and adidas, and packaged it into this very lightweight app for brand image management and distribution.
While Smartimage was launched in February 2013, Widen has been developing digital media solutions for over 15 years and has over 155,000 users across 200+ mid-to-large organizations using the Media Collective.
Learn more and sign up for your free trial at Smartimage.com.

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