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Widen Media Collective Insights Contest

by Jake Athey, May 25, 2016

Insights Contest

It’s contest time...and we’ve got an intelligent content contest for you!

Tell us what your DAM data is telling you!

We’re proud to announce the Insights Challenge to all Widen customers following the release of Quick Insights, which wraps up another wave of updates dedicated to digital asset management analytics.

What does content-level Quick Insights tell you?

  1. How do / will you use Quick Insights and the engagement score (formerly popularity) at the asset level? Please include a short use-case narrative and screenshot of your Quick Insights asset.
  1. What content decisions does it inform? How does it benefit your role and your business?

You will receive a $10 Amazon gift card for each entry in either OR both options.

The Widen-voted favorite customer story will win a new Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker!

Contest runs until noon CST, Friday, July 29!

Share your stories with us at marketing@widen.com.

Find inspiration with these customer stories.

Use these related resources to help you leverage Insights and Quick Insights data:

Request a demo to learn more about Widen Insights as part of the Widen Media Collective content hub.

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