Widen Media Collective version 6.4 release brings new features, usability improvements and Dropbox integration

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By Amanda Butler, Widen Technical Writer with the Client Development Team
Widen is all about creating enjoyable customer experiences! We continually work to improve in all areas of the customer experience, from developing new and innovative product offerings and services to technical support and community-building events. In the latest release of the Widen Media Collective, our version 6.4 release, we’ve made a number of improvements to the overall user experience that we’re especially proud to highlight for customers.
We’ve written about our source of internal innovation with Hackathon Days. Hackathon Days is one of the many ways in which we aim to constantly push ourselves to improve how digital asset management (DAM) systems are used. The version 6.4 release brings about the implementation of one of the ideas from our most recent Hackathon Days, Dropbox integration. We’ve expanded upon the Dropbox integration with this post offering more details, and we’re excited about what this integration brings. With Dropbox, users now have the ability to download assets directly to Dropbox, sync files across multiple devices, and upload assets to their DAM sites from multiple devices.
Widen Media Collective version 6.4 with Dropbox Notice
Widen Media Collective version 6.4 with Dropbox Notice
Similar to how we chose to integrate with Dropbox, we aim to improve the user interface (UI) and Media Collective functionality as new technology emerges. In addition to internal innovations, our product teams leverage user analytics data and user feedback to guide updates to improving site performance and usability. Read on to learn more about the new features and improvements made with Media Collective version 6.4.
New Features
A Short, Guided Tour of the Key Features of the Media Collective
When they first log into their site, new users will be taken on a very short, guided tour that highlights the key functions of the Media Collective, including information about searching, ordering and downloading assets. The guided tour helps new users get acclimated with the key features in a way to expand upon the intuitiveness of getting started on their own.
Ability to Embed XMP and IPTC Metadata When Assets are Downloaded
The embed metadata feature adds metadata and ratings to an asset when the asset is downloaded. Metadata that is mapped is based on the settings determined by the administrator. The metadata can be viewed using any program that displays XMP metadata, including Adobe products.
Previews for InDesign Files and InDesign Files Included with ZIP files
Creative users will now enjoy previews of InDesign files since they will be automatically generated. Previews will also be generated for ZIP files that include InDesign files. If a PDF version of an InDesign file exists, it will be used for the preview of the ZIP file.
Upload Tool Upgrades
The upload tool has been upgraded to reduce the need for the use of Java. The upgrades will reduce failed uploads as well as provide a color-coded upload status and browser-specific messaging based on a browser’s available functionality, as drag-and-drop functionality and folder-level uploads vary depending on a user’s browser.
The default tool no longer needs a third-party plugin and offers enhanced usability.
New Search Options for Deleted Assets and Deleted Users
Administrators can now search for deleted assets and deleted users using the Deleted Assets Search and the Deleted Users Search. The results allow administrators to see the history of when assets and users were deleted and the name of the person who performed the deletion for greater auditing controls.
Cleaner User Interface for Category Tree and Search Results
The gray shading in the category tree was lightened to provide a lighter feel for the application and to make the tree more readable. In search results, a checkbox has been added to all asset thumbnails to make it easier for users to add assets to the Selection panel.
Streamlined Selection Panel with Download, Send, and Batch Edit Options
The Download and Send buttons replaced the Order button in the Selection panel. The addition of these buttons avoids confusion with the ordering process and simplifies the file download process, which includes fewer screens for users to navigate through to order assets.
Batch editing changes were implemented to make it easier for users to make quick changes to groups of assets by batch action (i.e., to metadata, categories, or security for assets). Batch editing allows faster editing of a group of assets without waiting for pages to load. With batch editing, users can make changes to assets within their search results.
In addition, the edit and delete options have been moved under the Batch Actions button to avoid confusion between the delete and clear options. The Clear All option remains available in the Selection panel itself.
Widen Media Collective version 6.4 Selection Panel Updates
Widen Media Collective version 6.4 Selection Panel Updates
Changes to the Conversion Selection, Order Pickup, and User Profile Pages
Changes were made to the conversion selection page to minimize the text display for easier readability.
The order pickup page has been made cleaner with many visual enhancements. Thumbnails are larger and users can click Download All to download one archive of assets instead of clicking to download by file format. A slideshow of assets was also added so users can see larger versions of assets in a presentation view.
Tabs were added to the user profile pages. This reduces the amount of scrolling for users and splits the data into more manageable segments for editing.
Updated Preview Icons for Assets without Previews Available
For assets without previews, the default image (e.g., Preview Not Available, audio file, compressed archive, etc.) that appears in place of the actual image has been redesigned to complement the overall UI changes, which provides a nice reflection on Widen’s fun and friendly culture!
New Preview Icons for Assets without Previews Available
For More Information
For a first-hand look at the Widen Media Collective version 6.4, take the tour with a guest pass to our demo site.
If you’re a Widen customer and have more questions about any of the contents of this release, you can get more information and help on our Collective Support website at http://support.widencollective.com
If you’re not a Widen customer and would like more information, contact us or leave a comment below.

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