Widen Releases Digital Asset Embed Links for PDF Documents

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The Widen Media Collective Digital Asset Management System Now Supports Embed Links for PDFs

The latest point release of the Widen Media Collective web-based digital asset management solution now includes embed links for PDF documents. The "one internet, one file" philosophy of Widen digital asset embed links now covers the trifecta of popular asset types for an online marketer's media mix—images, videos and PDF docs. PDF embed links allow you to maintain all of your brochures, training guides, product manuals, and other marketing materials in your online digital asset library and copy/paste the embed link for the asset in your html web pages. When your web visitors click the link to view the PDF, the file he or she will see is served from Widen's CDN using Amazon Web Services.

Sample 600 px wide jpeg embed link linking to a sample PDF embed link
Click the link above to download the sample PDF asset using Widen's Digital Asset Embed Links.

The "one internet, one file" position on repurposing content is not about downloading digital assets but giving marketing channels a source to point to without ever removing a derivative file from DAM and re-uploading that file to another web server. In the event that an image, video or PDF file changes, you only update the asset in your web-based DAM system and every online location using the embed link automatically displays the correct file.

This feature allows marketers, webmasters and designers to avoid creating duplicate digital media repositories in other locations for different online destinations – web content management, e-commerce websites, email marketing landing pages, etc.– providing tremendous cost and time savings and foolproof brand consistency.

Digital asset embed links not only allow you to quickly add PDFs, images and videos to your website, but because they are served by a Content Delivery Network that specializes in the mass delivery of files over the internet, you have instant scalability. You and your site visitors will not suffer any performance issues even when 100s or 1000s of people are accessing your digital assets at the same time. This is especially valuable for your hi-def video assets!

Learn more about how Widen Digital Asset Embed Links empower your digital media by treating DAM as the central hub for maintaining, repurposing and distributing all of your marketing materials.

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