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Widen Summit 2017

Widen Summit attendees will arrive in October with a range of roles, knowledge levels, and expectations. No matter what individual goals may be, the collective goal is that each and every one of you will go back to your place of employment with actionable plans and new strategies. Plan to take your Widen Collective site and your working process around it to the next level at this year’s Summit.

We've got 16 different breakout sessions you can choose from. For a first glimpse at our session topics, check out the video below from our session leaders. 

In an effort to help guide the masses (as in, you all have different needs and you all need different things), we categorized and organized our breakout session structure a bit more this year.

Take a peek at our tracks below, but remember that these are just recommendations. You may choose any session in any time block. There's no need to stick to one track.

Educational tracks by topic

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Educational sessions by roleWiden-Summit-2017-Sessions-by-Role.png

Keep reading for more information on each session, or check out the full agenda

Breakout session descriptions:

Anchor your riders with Lanita Haag
Exploring governance and how it guides the life of DAM admins directly relates to achieving greater ROI. Plan to learn more and grasp the bigger concepts around understanding the importance of the admin role for your users, explore governance and how it guides the life of the admin, and how dedicated admins achieve greater ROI.

Key takeaways: Site governance, user roles/permissions, admin life

Is your content headed in the right direction? with Nate Holmes and Jake Athey
How often do you start down a path of content creation and, after some time, realize you’re going down the wrong path? Learn tips for what to focus on and what supports good content marketing. More effective accessibility, data, and structure in your DAM system can change you from being “the finder of stuff” to “the informer of change” in content strategy and execution.

Key takeaways: Content planning/creation, marketing content, content evaluation

Workflow creative brief patch kit with Leah Ujda and Bob Samuels
Creative briefs are vital for a smooth creative process, but most organizations experience major frustrations with setup and adoption of plans, briefs, and request forms. We'll break into small groups to discuss the underlying problems you face, build an ideal creative plan to solve your problems, and discover how Workflow can improve the entire creative intake process.

Key takeaways: Creative brief/plan process, team workflow.

Light up your path with insights with Brian Quinn and Sam Schnepf
The Widen Collective’s DAM analytics show who’s using your assets, where, when, and how. Learn how your organization can prove ROI via data from Insights. Also learn about common KPIs, discuss customer charts and dashboards, and we’ll share how using Insights data can improve your overall marketing efforts.

Key takeaways: Insights, data-driven marketing, ROI

A bicycle built for [one, two, three, or null]: The power of controlled vocabulary lists with Rebecca Running and Shannon Jacobs
Metadata is the lifeblood of DAM, and as such there are ways to keep your metadata in check and up to date. Learn all about controlled vocabulary lists and how to leverage them in asset tagging, searching, and auditing for the long-term success and life of your Collective site. Plan on rolling your sleeves up and digging in as a group!

Key takeaways: Metadata, controlled vocabulary

Exploring the Widen Collective with Deanna Ballew
Widen customers learn great ideas from each other. Several customers will walk through their Collective site configurations to share how they format their metadata structure, the tools they connect to the Collective, and more. Email us at summit@widen.com with areas of interest to cover.

Key takeaways: site configuration, customer community, admin life

Templates: Your guard rails for content localization and customization with Lauren Pemberton and Chris Schroeder
Creating branded collateral isn’t just for designers anymore. Discover how you can customize layouts, localize your brand, and make life easier for your marketing and creative teams through using our new web-to-print app, Templates.

Key takeaways: Templates, web to print, custom branding

Evaluating SaaS tools to create your marketing tech stack with Kevin Brinnehl
When evaluating and choosing SaaS solutions, there are common pitfalls to avoid, key items to evaluate, and ways of working with internal IT resources to keep your projects on track. Learn the best practices when evaluating and choosing SaaS solutions.

Key takeaways: martech stack, balancing SaaS solutions

Site audit: Get your DAM house in order with Dustin Pence
Learn how to perform a site audit so you can identify the weak spots of your DAM system and opportunities where small adjustments yield major impacts. Plan to leave with an understanding of which key administrative functions you must perform and how often they should take place. Leave with a future audit plan in place.

Key takeaways: site audit, DAM clean up, DAM restructure, DAM health

Connecting designers with DAM with Tyson Purcell
Being a graphic designer often means you get used to a world filled with interruption. Plan to learn concepts through case stories that show how to streamline the creative process and increase the productivity of your design teams by leveraging Widen’s Adobe Creative Cloud Connector.

Key takeaways: Adobe CC

Dashboard redesign: Charting a course for the next iteration of Collective with Caitlin Honan and Callie de Roussan
We asked, you answered, and a new Collective user interface is on the way! See our new dashboard design, which is based on research and feedback from YOU, then experience our validation process as we talk through your problems and think about transforming them into future solutions.

Key takeaways: DAM UI, user experience, UX

The hub and spokes of Widen Connectors with Chris Schroeder and Jake Athey
Strong data relationships across platforms are what needs to take place to build a strong, comprehensive martech stack. Learn about the variety of connectors Widen offers — featuring integrations with popular marketing technology solutions — to extend your assets and data across the other critical tools in your marketing and creative operations.

Key takeaways: Widen Connectors, martech stack, API

Shifting user engagement up a gear with Lauren Pemberton and Michael Orear
How can you ensure your users have the best experience possible using the Collective? Get familiar with actionable research methods to understand your site engagement status, which user intel is valuable, and which information can guide you towards an improved user experience.

Key takeaways: user engagement, UX, user experience

DAM cleanup: Do it yourself vs. call a mechanic with Courtney Roe and Brooke Emley
We all know DAM maintenance is important, but where do you start and how long will it take? Using real-life examples, we’ll show you how to get started with a do-it-yourself cleanup or determine if it’s time to call in a professional.

Key takeaways: DAM cleanup, DAM maintenance

Go off-road with Portals with Deanna Ballew
As an extension of DAM, Portals are an easy way to publish and distribute groups of assets. You don't have to navigate your whole DAM site to access approved brand assets. Learn how to captivate audiences and increase content engagement by getting people what they need, when they need it, and then letting them get on with their day.

Key takeaways: Portals engagement, DAM, microsites

Gear up your integrations with Ben Dotte and Lucas Leadbetter
Integrating your Collective site with existing products doesn’t have to be too difficult. Discuss Widen’s API, why it’s important, and what you can do with it to solve your integration problems and more. This is intended for technical staff and will include code examples at the end.

Key takeaways: API, martech stack, integrations

Pre-Summit training: Saturday, October 14 - Sunday, October 15

Assets Essentials (space is limited to 14 participants)
Start the Summit with Asset Essentials, addressing the most important concepts in digital asset management and Collective administration. This isn’t your typical training session. You’ll be moving, thinking, talking, and strategizing with other Collective users. The Widen Training team will make time for you to work on your Collective site to improve organization and user experience.

  • Develop metadata and categories that reflect user needs and organizational requirements, then construct or edit your metadata types in the Collective
  • Determine asset groups and roles that support your organization’s security needs
  • Configure (or modify) permissions to control who has access to your assets and what they can do with them
  • Create a plan for collecting your organization’s images, videos, and creative files and uploading them to the Collective
  • Build upload profiles that help users enter appropriate metadata
  • Customize or adapt help text throughout the site to improve your users’ experiences
  • Brand your site using your organization’s logo, color palette, and graphics

Asset Essentials is designed for admins and super users, but knowledge of the Collective or DAM is not required. You can choose what to work on depending on your needs and skill level. People with established sites or new sites without assets are welcome to join. (The only prerequisites are a working site and site admin privileges.)

Pre-Summit complimentary workshop: Monday, October 16

Understand your content lifecycle (space is limited to 25 participants)
Does your work involve creating, reviewing, or requesting creative collateral? Have you ever tried to map out your team's creative process? Join your pals from Widen's Customer Experience, UX, and Product teams for a hands-on, two-hour work session.

We’ll guide you through activities designed to help you gain insight into your work, and create opportunities for you to share and learn from your fellow Summit attendees. You'll leave this session with a process map, a reframed understanding of the challenges inherent in collaborative creative work, and ideas on how you can improve and streamline processes.

Go to widensummit.com to register to attend (last free year!) and for more information on the sessions, activities, entertainment and more. Looking forward to exploring new trails with you in October!

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