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Widen Summit sessions part 1: Topics by DAM experience level

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The Widen Summit is full of great networking, lots of laughs, good food, cheese and beer - but what would it look like if we didn’t also have a great lineup of educational sessions to offer? Everyone likes a good time and so do we, but as we know, education sets us free. Our goal at the Widen Summit is to set our customers free by empowering you by teaching you, helping you, listening to you and, of course, laughing, eating and drinking with you. (We really don’t want to forget that part!)

Putting it into food terminology that we can all understand, there is no question that the breakout sessions are the meat or cheese or veggie burger of the sandwich. Let’s just say...the protein or substance of the Summit, and this year we broke up the blocks of sessions in what we think is a logical cadence.

The first block is focusing on sessions based on your experience level with digital asset management (DAM). We did it this way because we want to offer something for everyone attending, from future customers, to newbies, to the veterans. We want to continue to bring to you the best information about DAM and make sure it is suited toward your skill level so that you get the most out of it. Check out the sessions and session leaders you get to hang out with in the first block at the Summit.

Sessions by DAM experience level - Tuesday, October 20, 1:45 - 2:30 p.m.


Selling DAM internally (for future Widen customers) with Craig Bollig, Senior DAM Advisor

  • We know that suggesting new technologies can be a daunting process that can leave you faced with objections from end users, your superiors and other stakeholders holding the purse strings to give you the budget you need to move forward with implementing a DAM system. In this session, we’ll teach you strategies to build your case for DAM that highlights the massive return on investment that comes with incorporating DAM into your content strategy from the get go.


Better practices for implementation and onboarding with Implementation Specialists Dustin Pence and Emily Jacoby

  • Implementation is a means of which a thought or concept moves from an idea into existence; a stepping stone, from what you want to what you have. It can be a long, laborious journey or a quick flip of the switch. Regardless of the ease in process, the fact remains the same: someone has to do something first. This session will help guide you through the principles to follow, the right questions to ask, what additional involvement needs to take place, goal setting, documentation and other training to help you successfully implement your new Media Collective site.


DAM success concepts with Lanita Haag, Director of Customer Support, and Anna Vo, UI Developer

  • Effectively using tools within the DAM system to increase visibility to site assets and to connect your marketing content to both internal and external users is the ultimate goal of this session. Look deeper into your site performance and see what you can do to optimize your workflow and effectively use DAM to create custom system messages, dive into and discuss the power of embed codes and share links, and learn how to draw your users in with spotlight searches.


The life-changing magic of tidying up your DAM with DAM Consultant Sam Schnepf

  • Cleaning up your DAM system can seriously change your life as an administrator. It doesn’t just satisfy your own personal desire to have things neat and tidy, it also sets the stage for others to follow by example. Disorganization breeds disorganization, so if you present a clean, well-tagged and organized DAM site to your users, they’ll be much more likely to follow your lead. (Caution: It’s not magic. You will still need to train your users on how to be good DAM citizens.) Start (and finish) your DAM clean-up process, evaluate your current metadata and taxonomy, make use of advanced searching and bulk editing tools, identify assets to archive, prioritize and track your clean-up efforts and learn ways of maintaining this new state of cleanliness for the long haul.


No problems, only solutions with Lexy Spry, Training Specialist

  • We hear it all the time: “How do I get users to enter metadata?” “What's the easiest way to make in-demand assets more visible to users?” “How can I make sure users know that I am the DAM administrator?” If these questions sound familiar, this session will help! We will highlight common problems DAM administrators frequently confront and present solutions on the spot. This session will be repeated during the first three blocks of sessions, so you will have plenty of opportunities to confront your DAM problems with great DAM solutions!


What else would you like to see and what questions do you have? Let us know.

Register to attend the Widen Summit at WidenSummit.com.

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