Widen Summit sessions part 2: Hot topics in DAM

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The second block of sessions is geared toward independent topics that relate to digital asset management (DAM). Our goal with this block is to connect Summit attendees to interesting and cool ways your DAM system can help you do your job better, connect your content better, organize your workflow better, track your data/analytics better and more.

DAM is versatile in every sense of the word, and this block of sessions will teach you tools to use your DAM in a versatile way. Check out the sessions and session leaders you get to hang out with in the second block at the Summit.

Sessions by DAM topic - Tuesday, October 20, 2:45 - 3:30 p.m.


DAM in a creative world with Deanna Ballew, Director of Product Development, and Danielle Templeton, Graphic Web Designer

  • Learning the latest and greatest DAM tools for designers and creatives is going to be the most exciting thing since sliced bread (food reference again!). This session dives into fun topics, like animated GIFs with emails and using dynamic embed codes to show just how powerful of a tool they are. We will talk about why creatives should care about the value of analytics and about how tracking that data provides a foundation for your creative playground. Get ready to see some cool examples from other Widen customers who are taking their DAM system to creative places.


Connecting content across the marketing experience with Jake Athey, Director of Marketing, and Craig Bollig, Senior DAM Advisor

  • This session will help you to see how cool it is to take DAM off of the little kids’ table and give it some spotlight time at the party! We will help you to see that DAM is more than just a repository for your digital assets - it’s way beyond the library! We’ll show you ways to have more visibility, access and control with your content across the lifecycle and customer experience by capturing and creating new content, sharing and distributing relevant content and tracking and analyzing successful content. All of this means consistent, accurate and meaningful representation of your brand across all customer touchpoints, further emphasizing the evolving place of DAM in a direct-to-consumer position. If you’re a content marketer (or interested in becoming one), this is a session you will enjoy.


Metadata automation and optimization with Lanita Haag, Director of Customer Support, and Dustin Pence, Implementation Specialist

  • Metadata. It instills emotions ranging from admiration to avoidance. It is the thing we love to leverage yet hate to manage. In fact, managing metadata is like cleaning your house. Sure, you could stop doing it, but then no one will come to visit you anymore. We often avoid metadata because the efforts to maintain a proper metadata structure can feel overwhelming. This session drives home the simple fact that metadata drives the success of your content creation process. By establishing best practices for metadata creation and maintenance, you ensure that your DAM system fires on all cylinders without handholding, direction or explanation. The goal of this session is to continue the discussion of one of the most important structural components to your DAM system.


What DAM data & analytics can tell you, part II with Libby Maurer, Product Manager, and Mark Feltner, Software Developer

  • How do you quantify a successful DAM? What data do you need to tell that story? Data is forging the path to a (marketing) renaissance and your DAM is at the forefront of it. Tracking, collecting and analyzing the data from your assets can be a powerful way to drive content marketing strategy in your operation. We will help you learn to ask the right questions about DAM that can be answered with data, then show you how to share it with stakeholders at your company. You’ll see some great examples and use cases that show what you can do when you harvest this valuable data from your Media Collective.


DAM interoperability – connectors, integrations and APIs with Chris Schroeder, Software Developer, and Annette Jensen, Director of Software Development

  • Connectors, integrations and APIs enable your assets to be viewed, shared and tracked with audiences that do not also have Media Collective sites. APIs can provide the functionality to connect your Media Collective to another platform, allowing you to search, create asset metadata, view security information, thumbnail previews and collections, upload assets and much more. We will help you see the power of that connectivity by the use of embed codes, which you can use to track data back to the original asset in your Media Collective. Let’s connect, people!


What else would you like to see and what questions do you have? Let us know.

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