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To be...agile, or not to be...agile? THAT is the question asked of Deanna Ballew, Widen’s development and infrastructure manager. The term “Agile” is to software, what the word “app” is to mobile. It’s a hot topic which has many pros and cons. Deanna explains how Widen has taken the best parts of different agile methodologies and created our own process that works best for our development workflow, benefiting our digital asset management customer’s user experience, and our ability to effectively manage the release of new features and upgrades. 
Watch this video of Deanna Ballew, Widen’s development and infrastructure manager, talking about Widen’s approach to agile software development
Highlights of Widen agile software development:
  • Agile development allows software teams to flex and change during the development cycle to meet the needs of changing technologies and satisfy customers.
  • We’ve looked at different structured agile methodologies and use pieces from different ones that best fit our needs.
  • Hot fixes and updates are released quickly, but we hold bigger items for our every 3-4 month release schedule to allow us to notify our customer base of the changes, answer their questions and allow them to schedule the upgrade.
  • By using user personas, and holding focus groups with our end users, we are talking to each other and to customers during feature development giving them input on changes that will have the most benefit to them.
With Widen’s approach to agile development, our customers get the best of both worlds.  In some areas, we’re agile to keep pace with advancing technology, but schedule bigger releases which allows them to plan their upgrades and get their user base on board. It gives transparency to our customers which in turn builds trust. 
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