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Workflow consulting improves your work management and online proofing process

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At the 2016 Widen Summit, we announced that we were planning a consulting service to aid in making our Workflow product more successful for your organization.

That plan is now reality. And heading up our on-site Workflow consulting is one of our fellow team members, Leah Ujda. In this brief article, we’ll give you an overview on how this consulting service works, and how it can help you.

The goal of Workflow consulting is for us to develop a deep understanding of how you currently do your creative work — and how you would like to do this work in an ideal future. By identifying and understanding your current processes, we can ensure the technology you’re bringing into the organization will provide a valuable, efficient, and engaging experience.

Here’s what this looks like from a global view:

On-site Workflow & Online Proofing Consulting.png

Let’s take a closer look at the three phases of the Workflow consulting process.


Leah will arrive to meet with you in your space, or what she likes to call your “natural environment.” She’ll gather relevant information about your existing work management and proofing process and procedures. This information will be gathered from all different types of stakeholders.

Here’s how Leah describes the observation part of the process:

“While I’m fairly new to Widen, I’ve been doing this type of work for several years. Customers that I’ve worked with in the past found value in having a neutral party come in and take a look at how they do things.

Fresh eyes can often see things that an organization has grown accustomed to over time, and through habit, and sometimes just hearing themselves describe a work management process out loud can lead to a ‘light bulb moment.’

I like to go in to a customer visit with my anthropologist hat on — I’m not here to judge, I’m here to see. During this engagement, we set aside notions about how something SHOULD be done and focus on WHY it’s done. Then we can move on to thinking about Workflow and considering how it might complement, enhance, and improve the creative work.”

Workflow Management Consulting Part 1 Observe.png


This is a deep dive into the details, big and small, of how your creative workflow is currently managed. In order to give future recommendations that are both exciting and actionable, your new process needs to emerge from your current reality.

Leah puts it this way:

“Immersion is all about gathering up everything I’ve learned from a team regarding their current work management and proofing (either online or offline) processes, so I can start pulling relevant findings into what I call “frameworks” to understand and visualize their process.

The goal here is for me to hold up a mirror and say ‘this is what I heard about the way your team currently works,’ and use that as a starting point for the team to agree, disagree, update, edit — and ultimately align on a shared vision.

This structure around an organization’s story helps us identify problems, solutions, and opportunities. Of course, we always keep Workflow implementation in mind during this activity, but whatever documents and artifacts we create belong to the organization, and they can use these items in whatever way they think is useful and important to their business.”

Online Proofing & Workflow Consulting Part 2 Immerse.png


Next, we discuss processes, pain points, needs — and opportunities — that were discovered during the on-site visit. One of the great things about Workflow management software is the flexibility it provides in terms of project set up and work management, which is why it’s so critical for us to take time to consider options, and discuss trade-offs, before making a final recommendation.

Leah describes engagement as:

“The final step in our consulting engagement where we turn our attention specifically to Workflow.

Again, this is not about me coming in and simply telling you what to do and how to do it. It’s about working together to assess what parts of the processes an organization wants to stop, start, and/or continue. It’s about thinking creatively about the ways Widen products and applications can help the organization meet their process goals, AND their marketing goals, more efficiently and effectively.

This is very much a team sport!”

Work Management Consulting Part 3 Engage.png

As you can see, Workflow consulting and implementation is a customized process that gets to the heart of an organization’s work management and proofing problems.

Want to learn more about Workflow?

You can read a walkthrough of Workflow or request a demo!

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