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Workflow online proofing and work management demo

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Widen Workflow Management Software Demo.png

In the first part of this series, we defined what Workflow is, what it does, who it helps — and how it solves their problems.

Here, we’ll be walking you through a Workflow demo to give you a real-world idea of how it can support your team.

If you prefer, you can also watch our brief demo video, or you can request a live demo where you can see Workflow (as well as Assets, Portals, Templates, and Insights) in action with our cloud-based DAM system.


Today, our demo walkthrough involves the following three roles:

Creative Project Management & Online Proofing Team.png

We’ll be showing you how the product marketing manager, creative operations manager and the communications manager would use the work management capabilities of Widen Workflow.

Workflow Creative Project Request.png

Bob (our Requestor) has a new project and needs to request some creative material for a new product launch. His first step is filling out the “Incoming Request” that’s built into the application.

Work Management Incoming Request.png

After Bob fills out the request, Shannon (our Organizer) looks it over and notices there’s a missing file. She and Bob can collaborate about the missing file, or any other aspect of the request directly from within the application. As you can already see, Workflow is the central hub where all of the creative project management, and eventually online proofing, takes place.

Messaging in Workflow Creative Project Management.png

Bob receives Shannon’s message about a missing file, uploads it, and thanks Shannon for the heads up. Both Bob and Shannon will get email notifications when a new message is sent to them within the Workflow request system. Of course, all messages can be viewed within the application, too, so the email is just an alert that there’s new correspondence to view.

Easily Update Requests with Work Management Software.png

When Shannon approves the project, all the information that Bob entered is automatically added to the project. Shannon can adjust any dates or information and add any files she feels are necessary before turning the request into a project.

Project Approval in Work Management Software.png

Once the request has been approved as a project, Bob will get an email letting him know.

Workflow Provides Automatic Notifications.png

From that point on, he can follow the project’s progress in Workflow. The ability to effortlessly follow a project is literally every Requestor’s dream — and Workflow makes it a reality.

Setup & Management of the Creative Workflow.png

Now that the project has been approved, as the Organizer it’s Shannon’s responsibility to set up the project details and kick it off. The work management capabilities of our application make this task a breeze.

Shannon can see, at a glance, all the deliverables that Bob requested and can easily adjust any individual timelines. She can also add new deliverables after the project has been created or is underway if something new comes up after the initial request.

Project View Streamlines Workflow Management.png

Shannon can now set up the information needed to deliver a proof, including WHO will deliver this proof — most likely a web designer, graphic designer or copywriter (our Contributor), what type of permissions they have on the deliverable, a creation timeline, and any special instructions that would be helpful for the Contributor chosen to create the proof.

Setting Up Online Proofing Details.png

Next comes setting up the review process. Shannon begins setting up individual stages of review. Each stage will have a separate timeline and a set of Reviewers. Additionally, Shannon will determine whose review is necessary to move this project along, vs. who is an optional or informational Reviewer.

Online Proofing & Work Management Stages.png

Once all the stages have been created, Shannon can complete the creative workflow and the application will automatically take the project to completion with minimal intervention on her part.

Online Proofing Software & Automated Review Process.png

After all the setup is complete, the application also handles notifying the Contributor when a new proof is necessary.

Automated Online Proofing Software.png

Another automated feature of Workflow is notifications. In this example, the application sent notification alerts to the Contributor regarding details like the delivery due date, details of the deliverable, any special instructions that Shannon added, and a quick link to upload the new proof to. This adds efficiency, order and peace of mind to the online proofing process — as well as to the entire creative project management process.

Work Management Software & Project Review.png

Once an online proof is delivered, the first review stage kicks off for Reviewers to add their comments and recommendations.

The application automatically notifies Reviewers when a proof is ready for review. The notification also gives details of the deliverable itself, the urgency of the review, and a direct link to review the proof.

Instant Notifications for Online Proofing Review.png

Workflow makes it easy for Reviewers to navigate to the online proofing tool directly from their email.

Easily Access the Online Proofing Tool from Email.png

Once in the proofing tool, Reviewers can view everyone else’s comments, mark up the proof, view previous versions, and make an approval decision.

Project Completion & Digital Asset Management.png

When all of the necessary (as opposed to optional) Reviewers have contributed to the proof, Shannon is automatically notified.

Online Proofing Software Notification Summaries.png

Once online proofing is closed, the project is complete and ready for distribution.

Moving Assets into the Digital Asset Management System.png

Once the proof has been closed, Bob (our Requestor) gets an auto notification that the asset(s) are ready for him in the DAM system.

Accessing the DAM System from Email.png

And that’s how our Workflow application works!

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