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Guest blog post from Sean Banahan, Widen Area Sales Director

I recently spoke with a prospective Fortune 500 customer who was going through a formal evaluation of Digital Asset Management software vendors and solutions and was facing an interesting dilemma.  This prospective customer had kick started the evaluation process with the generation and distribution of a formal RFP.  This RFP document had been sent to a number of vendors that had popped up in web searches and inquiries into the DAM space.  The list contained the usual list of players that you would find by doing a simple search for DAM on google. 

The RFP was sent out and vendors were given a couple of weeks to submit a response.  Vendors were not expected to provide any really detailed information on their products because it was assumed that this type of information would be ferreted out in the demonstrations and discussions that would follow the initial proposal.  The problem occurred when only two vendors submitted responses to the RFP within the allotted time.  This prospective customer's purchasing process requires that they review at least three different proposals.  This left the customer scrambling to find out how to address this particular problem.  Should they give more time, should they put the project on hold or go through the effort to get an exception made to an internally established practice? 

While taking efforts to address the issue, the original timeline for a decision came and went.  Then the date when they had hoped to have phase one implemented flew by.  They are still waiting for responses from the remaining DAM vendors today as far as I know.  This really blew my mind.  How can any company trust a vendor as a future partner and service provider who can't even respond to a simple RFP and instead provides lists of weak excuses.  Its not like they were required to provide extremely detailed or extensive information over night.  Are they even doing business?  Maybe they have enough partners as it is.  This customer should start implementing phase one through Widen's on-demand digital media management service.  A basic DAM SaaS solution from Widen would be live and configured within two weeks.  Let the other vendors chase you down and explain why you should give them your business rather than the other way around.

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