You might need Digital Asset Management if you’ve had enough…

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Many marketers wait until their problems boil over before seeking a solution
January, it’s the season of resolutions and promises to make a change. A time when we look back at old habits, continuing problems and the stress of the previous year, and we decide that we’ve simply had enough. For most of us, we need our problems to boil over before we are ready to implement a new strategy. But then we have a mess to clean that could have been avoided.
When it comes to Digital Asset Management, many marketers are tip-toeing on the edge of their boiling points. They are awaiting that one big trigger event that will push it over and raise the motivation to then solve the problem after the mess has been made. To help turn down that burner and find a solution before it becomes a mess, we’ve gathered some common trigger events that have pushed others to implement a DAM solution.
For this one, we’ll have a little New Years fun and in our best Jeff Foxworthy tone of voice we say, “You might need a DAM system if you’ve had enough…”
    • You’ve had enough with spending 10 minutes trying to find that one file you’re always looking for.
    • You’ve had enough with the calls from people bugging you to get that presentation they could just get themselves. 
    • You’ve had enough with people saving product images to their desktop only to see an outdated version be published.
    • You’ve had enough with spending valuable marketing time on tedious tasks that could be automated by machines.
    • You’ve had enough with your marketing and creative budget sinking from having to recreate files lost in the shuffle.
    • You’ve had enough with starting every new project from scratch when there are so many assets that could be repurposed.
    • You’ve had enough with outsourcing creative projects to other agencies when you have the competency to get it done internally. 
    • You’ve had enough with not knowing who’s using what, when, where, why and how.
    • You’ve had enough with IT not helping you find a better way to deal with these massive files.
    • You’ve had enough with management telling you to do more with less. 
    • You’ve had enough with feeling like your treading water to stay afloat.
  • You’ve had enough with losing market share because you’re losing your edge.
What other things have you had enough of that triggered you to look into Digital Asset Management solutions? Share with the readers in the comments below.

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