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An ongoing study about the challenges marketers and creatives face
when trying to balance technology with human touch

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Our 2021 Connectivity Report is here

This year’s report explores the connection between marketing, information, and customer experience.

Learn how leading brands use product information – data, marketing content, and digital assets – to deepen audience connections and excel in the digital space.

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What is Connectivity?

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Connectivity is the state of interdependence between people, objects, systems, and information — as well as the nature of those relationships.

Product information is the product data, marketing content, and digital assets that brands use to describe and market their products.

When used to its full potential, product information ignites connectivity in ways that help brands build trust, tell meaningful stories, deliver engaging customer experiences, and ultimately succeed on the digital shelf.

The key findings


Product data is critical in building customer trust, but it cannot act alone


Complete and utter accuracy is table stakes for the digital shelf


Objective information is the backbone of a strong marketing story


Personalization takes a back seat to lending a helping hand


Technology is needed to translate information into engaging customer experiences

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Trust is foundational to success

say it’s important that customers trust their marketing efforts


Product information drives trust and sales

The type of product information that has the biggest impact on: 

49% say product data
say product marketing content or digital assets


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A critical disconnect exists

of brands “always” or “usually” use product information in their e-commerce marketing

Yet, only 36% claim to have high control over the information presented on their e-commerce sites

Technology can close the gap

Digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) software give brands the control they need to deliver more impactful customer experiences.

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How to leverage product information in ways that deepen audience connections


Bring raw product data like size and color information to life with rich marketing copy and captivating videos, photos, and other multimedia content.


Address process and technology shortcomings that impact the accuracy and consistency of product information across customer touchpoints.


Highlight and share objective product information to give your marketing stories the footing and depth needed to make them believable and authentic.


Read reviews and talk to customer-facing teams to uncover questions and determine the information buyers need to feel confident in a purchase.


Create a central source of truth for your product information, so your teams can access what they need to quickly and reliably assist customers.


Be a helpful resource for shoppers by providing the robust product information they need to research, compare, and understand purchasing options.


Be realistic about how you can use product information to deliver more engaging customer experiences. It’s better to start small and get it right.


Audit your marketing technologies to determine if you can eliminate, connect, or bring on solutions to help your teams deliver better customer experiences.

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Looking forward

Here’s what’s ahead for marketers and creatives looking to balance the power of technology with human touch.

Virtual and augmented reality to blur digital with in-person experiences

Interconnected technologies that eliminate content and team silos

The flow of information from one source to support omnichannel selling

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