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People first, technology second

Widen consultants are in-house DAM experts with experience in everything from catalogs to e-commerce. Our years of best practices and wealth of information from other customers and partners are the foundation for our problem solving approach, which looks at your work processes first and the tools your people need second.

Our three-pronged approach

Our consulting services focus on the most important solution issues for sales and marketing teams today: planning, workflow, strategy, and growth.
For each issue, we take a three-pronged approach to understand your team’s needs and recommend the right tools and services to help.

Observe Online Proofing Workflow and DAM Solutions

1. Observe

We’ll meet you in your “natural environment” and gather information about your existing creative work processes and procedures from all different types of stakeholders. This will help us determine how Widen products and services can:

  • Complement your team
  • Enhance your work process
  • Improve the overall experience with the right tools

Understanding Creative Workflow and DAM System Needs

2. Immerse

We’ll do a deep dive into the details around how you currently manage your work. In order to offer recommendations that are both exciting and actionable, we’ll look at the problem to be solved in a different way and empower your team to make decisions based on insights.

  • Identify unmet needs
  • Highlight new opportunities
  • Address contradictions and tensions
Workflow Online Proofing and DAM Software Engage Icon

3. Engage

Armed with insights based on research, we’ll facilitate conversations and make recommendations for improving your work streams with the right technology.

  • Amplify what’s good
  • Reframe what’s not so good
  • Explore alternate opportunities

Workflow consulting (on site)

The goal of a workflow consulting engagement is to develop a deep understanding of how you currently do creative work and how you’d rather do it in an ideal future.

  • Our consultants will lead sessions to learn about your teams, understand how they work, and reveal your internal processes

DAM consulting (on site)

The goal of a DAM system consulting engagement is to make sure key stakeholders understand the central elements of digital asset management as well as the best practices that guarantee success. Whether you’re looking to purchase a DAM system, expand usage of your current DAM, or audit a DAM system, our consultants will lead the conversations to move things forward.

  • User roles and permissions
  • Metadata taxonomy structures
  • Asset ingestion workflow
  • Asset distribution workflows

The best service from the most experienced people

Our history of creative workflow optimization and awesome customer service separate Widen from the pack. In every interaction with our clients, we proudly promise to deliver professionalism, wisdom, great ideas, great conversation, and a plan of action.


So what are you waiting for? Contact Widen’s consulting team and improve your organization’s work processes today.

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