Access control made easy

Granular permisson-based access to your brand assets

Control what visitors can see and do in your Widen Collective® site

  • User controls
  • Delegated administration
  • Scalable permissions
  • Upload and order profiles
  • Asset history
DAM Visual Content Marketing User Access Control

User access

Control permissions on groups of digital assets and decide who can view, share, edit, or download certain file formats. Change the permissions or add new roles at any time.

Delegated administration

Share the responsibility of site maintenance by delegating tasks to multiple administrators. Dynamic permission structures let different people manage user groups and asset groups across divisions or brands.

DAM System Delegated Administration

DAM Visual Content Marketing Software & Permissions

Scalable permission structure

As usage expands, create new user roles and asset groups to assign permissions appropriately. Enable features by role.


Upload and order profiles

Set upload and order permissions once in the Collective. Define default security, metadata, and categories in the upload profile. Use order profiles for sending files to print partners, with quantity and stock.

DAM System Upload & Order Profiles

Asset Change History in Your DAM System

Asset history

At a glance, see all activity on an asset from the time it was uploaded. Change incorrect metadata or talk directly with the user who made changes.