Make the Widen Collective® a gateway to your brand

Share a consistent brand and build a meaningful story

Your DAM system, your brand

Engage users and keep them coming back for more with a Widen Collective® site that’s a gateway to your brand.

  • Custom login page
  • System messages on your dashboard
  • Collection share pages with shared and spotlight collections
  • Brand Portals
  • Branded URL and multiple skins
  • Branded communications
Company Branded Digital Asset Management System

Custom login page

The user experience starts on your login page. Make it your own with a logo, color scheme, and hero graphic that tells your story.

System messages on your dashboard

Target specific user groups with graphical HTML system messages. Highlight brand guides and product launches.

Digital Asset Management System Message Testing

DAM System Content Hub for Stylized Collections

Collection share pages

Campaign assets pop in a polished brand experience. Give collections a header, logo, and brand colors and make them available publicly.

Brand Portals

Share resources on a portal that’s personalized to your brand's needs. Group brand assets and customize the look, feel, typography and layout, then track views and downloads of the assets from that portal.

DAM System Brand Portals
Digital Asset Management System Branded Logins

Branded URL and multiple skins (optional)

Personalize the site with a unique URL or give multiple divisions their own branded skin.

Branded communications from site to inbox

From your Collective site, you can send branded email notifications when delivering digital assets to others or sharing workflow activities.

DAM System Content Hub for Branded Communications