Manage your visual content in one central location

Organize your images, videos, and creative files in one content marketing hub

Upload your digital assets from anywhere
and easily find what you need

Tag your assets for optimal search, notify teams with alerts, and download or share your assets in any format you need.

  • Drag-and-drop upload and Upload Wizard
  • Metadata standards
  • Unlimited custom metadata fields
  • Zapier and FTP upload
  • Version control
Content Marketing Hub Digital Assets Upload Wizard

Upload via a smart workflow

Files and folders can be uploaded effortlessly using a drag-and-drop tool. Apply default metadata, categories, and security, or use the guided wizard to assign hand-picked data.

View supported file types

Metadata standards

Our customized options for metadata and keywords serve users of all experience levels.

Use controlled vocabulary for consistency, and choose from a variety of field formats. Map XMP, IPTC, and EXIF data at upload and export content to XMP at download.

Metadata Standards and Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management Software and Batch Editing

Custom metadata

Use metadata to define, describe, and protect your visual content. Open fields include date fields, limited text fields, long text fields, numeric fields, text fields, and text areas. Controlled vocabulary fields include checkboxes, dropdown fields, and multi-select palette fields.

Zapier and FTP uploading

Leverage popular tools to ingest files. Use Zapier send files to the Widen Collective®Remove login obstacles with user-specified FTP locations.

DAM Software Services & Dropbox FTP Loading

Digital Asset Management Software & Version Control

Version control

The tools you need for tracking asset renditions and retaining metadata values for each. Preview and download old versions. Duplicate filenames trigger conflicts that can be added as versions.