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Simple search for everyone

The Widen Collective® offers different types of search for different types of people. 

  • Spotlight searches and collections
  • Predictive search
  • Faceted search
  • Keyword search
  • Search by category
  • Document text search
Visual Content Spotlight Searches & DAM Software

Spotlight searches and spotlight collections

Visually highlight digital assets with specific search criteria and offer a convenient search option on the dashboard.

Predictive search

Takes what you have typed and predicts the most likely completion for the text you’ve already entered.

Visual Content Management & Predictive Search

Intelligent Faceted Search and Digital Assets

Intelligent faceted search

Turn controlled metadata values, numeric ranges, or date fields into powerful search filters. Refine by file type, asset status, or collections to pinpoint digital assets.

Keyword search

Find exact terms with keyword searching. Power users can flex the advanced search syntax to return precise date ranges, file formats, or metadata values.

Keyword Search and Digital Asset Management Software

Digital Asset Management Visual Content Categories

Search by category

Browsing is a snap with the category menu. Assign assets into multiple categories to find in more than one path. Spotlight top-level categories on the dashboard for added direction.

Document text search

Search within the text of PDF and Microsoft Office documents for keywords and strings.

DAM Software and Search Document Text