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  • Share links
  • Branded collections
  • Standard Portals
  • Order wizard
  • File sharing tools
  • Social sharing
Visual Content Share Links & Embed Codes

Share links

Destination: everywhere! Use share links and embed codes to place images, videos, or documents in any web-based channel. New versions are updated automatically, and there’s no drag on your bandwidth.

Branded collections

Share digital assets as a gallery for viewing and downloading. Embed a public collection in web pages for an instant, searchable gallery. Track views, downloads, and shares.

Content Marketing Platform & Shared Collections

collaborate and share with the use of portals

Standard Portals

Collect, share, and extend your assets to collaborate with your team and connect with your customers.

Order wizard

Send assets to multiple recipients in limitless conversion formats. Users retrieve orders via secure pickup links. Administrators can monitor downloads and modify expiration dates to control usage.

Digital Asset Management System Order Wizard

Digital Asset Management File Sharing Tools

File sharing tools

Sync and share your files with popular cloud-based file sharing tools like Dropbox and Box. Use our Zapier integration to easily integrate with Google Drive, Microsoft One, or other file sharing tools.

Social sharing

Share visual content on popular social networks with ease. Add videos to YouTube or images and videos to Facebook and Twitter. Track asset usage through the robust analytics tools available on these social networks.

Visual Content & Social Sharing with a DAM System