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Digital Asset Management for Agencies

Maximize your client's digital assets and increase team productivity with
Widen's cloud-based DAM platform.

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So many assets, so little availability

Wish your assets were easier to find? We can relate. Whether your agency handles hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of digital assets, your teams need to get the creative files they need, when they need them.

That’s where digital asset management comes in. A DAM system helps create, manage, distribute, and analyze digital assets from a central location, so you can spend more time creating brilliant strategies for your clients and less time finding and converting assets.


Control your assets through the entire content lifecycle

Handle large amounts of visual assets, creative files, and marketing campaigns, from creative concept through measurement, and analyze how they're all performing.

Get big benefits from digital asset management

Use DAM to stand out among the 60,000 agencies in the world today. It's a competitive advantage, a team unifier, and an innovative tool that will change how you and your clients work. Here's what you get with the Widen Collective:

  • A branded, web-based DAM system
  • End-to-end products that power workflows and collaboration for your teams and clients
  • Built-in features that publish digital assets online across multiple channels
  • An easy-to-use API for integration with other creative systems 
  • Multi-site branding for clients
  • Total brand consistency 
  • Self-serve access to assets for you and your clients
  • Faster market penetration of your campaigns
  • Repurposing of new business assets and more consistent pitching

The three agency models

Agency Branded and Agency Admin Digital Asset Management Model

1. The system is branded for the agency

  • System is branded for the agency
  • Agency is the system administrator
  • Clients can access the system, but the agency limits interaction via roles and permissions
Client Branded and Client Admin Digital Asset Management Model

2. The system is branded for the client

  • Agency helps client search for a DAM solution and the system is branded for the client
  • Client is the system administrator
  • Agency interacts with assets as a user 
Client Branded and Agency Admin Digital Asset Management Model

3. The system is branded for the client, but administered by the agency

  • System is branded for the client
  • Agency is the system administrator
  • Agency and client both upload and access assets, edit metadata, etc.

Other benefits of a DAM system:

  • Better resource allocation (both time and labor)
  • Share, review, and approve assets in one place
  • Cross-team collaboration and communication
  • Distribute assets to multiple locations at once
  • Upload and download assets from anywhere
  • Save money by repurposing assets 

Problems a DAM system can solve

Common problems organizations face

Trends driving the need for Digital Asset Management

  • A growing number of digital marketing agencies
  • Greater demand for global strategy
  • Increased need for deep technical knowledge

  • More software services are available for content creation
  • More connection between online and offline events

A DAM system is a necessity for any agency who wants to stay competitive, efficient, and focused on being creative. What are you waiting for? Get DAM and spend less time finding, organizing, and sending people digital assets and more time solving your client's problems.

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