Digital Asset Management
for Consumer Packaged Goods

Improve brand consistency, and get control of your digital assets,
with a cloud-based DAM system from Widen.

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Why Digital Asset Management?

With consumer packaged goods, shelf placement is incredibly important. The same is true of your digital assets, which need to be placed on your “virtual shelf” in a well-organized manner that makes it easy for team members to find the assets they need, when they need them, in an instant.

Cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) software, like the Widen Media Collective, is proficient at organizing assets, as well as helping teams become more effective in creating, managing, sharing, archiving and analyzing large volumes of digital assets — all from one central location. With digital asset management, you can expect to reduce costs, speed time to market and connect with your audience through social media, live events, ad campaigns and more.

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Control over digital assets

A digital asset management system offers an immense amount of control over your digital assets — as well as product launches and marketing initiatives. Self-serve access can be granted, as necessary, to approved partners ensuring that assets are available 24/7.

  • Multiple brands and locations
  • Product and service launches
  • Capture and distribute content from live events

DAM software delivers big benefits to consumer packaged goods companies

  • Easily access and share files in the best format for print, web and social
  • Permission controlled access levels segmented by department and/or role
  • Manage collections of digital assets including images, logos, audio and video from one central place
  • Add as much descriptive information and metadata as desired to maintain digital assets
  • Report and track usage and activity for future budgeting and resource allocation
  • 24/7 access to your content via cloud-based DAM software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Leverage assets across multiple mediums for increased ROI
  • Collaboration tools for routing and reviewing files
  • Infrastructure, hosting, technical support and upgrades handled by Widen
  • Off-site media storage with unlimited scalability
  • Unlimited service support of your DAM system

Other benefits of digital asset management software:

  • Go to market faster
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Streamlined efficiency and creative workflow
  • Better resource allocation (both time and labor)

Consumer packaged goods trends driving the need for DAM solutions

  • Sustainability: this is particularly important to millennials, and needs to be visible throughout a company’s ecosystem — including branding and all forms of media efforts
  • Transparency: millennials also want to know what’s in their food, making it imperative for brands to bring “food knowledge” into the conversation in a meaningful way

DAM software is much more than the organization of digital assets. It’s also a powerful tool that can easily manage, share, analyze and track large quantities of assets — from one central repository. Digital asset management is instrumental to cohesive marketing initiatives, product launches and content management efforts.

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