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Why Digital Asset Management?

Non-profit organizations need to promote and protect their brand through marketing, public relations and content management. A cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) system, like the Widen Collective, allows non-profits to create, manage, share, and analyze thousands of digital assets — while staying on budget. Limited resources demand tools that provide greater efficiency and productivity, making digital asset management a must-have for non-profit organizations.

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Control over digital assets

A DAM system gives you a large amount of control over digital assets — ensuring the right assets are available to the right people in the right formats, 24/7.

  • Multiple brands, locations and initiatives
  • Product and service launches
  • Capture and distribute content from live events

 A DAM system delivers big benefits to non-profits

  • Cloud-based DAM requires no hardware investment, greatly reducing overall cost
  • Infrastructure, hosting, technical support and upgrades handled by Widen
  • Unlimited service support of your DAM system
  • Web-based, password-protected site that’s branded for your organization
  • 24/7 access to your content via cloud-based DAM software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Manage collections of digital assets including images, logos, audio and video from one central place
  • Easily access and share files in the best format for print, web and social
  • Permission controlled access levels segmented by department and/or role
  • Report and track usage and activity for future budgeting and resource allocation
  • Leverage assets across multiple channels for better ROI
  • Collaboration tools for routing and reviewing files
  • Off-site media storage with unlimited scalability

Other benefits of a DAM system

  • Go to market faster
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Streamlined efficiency and creative workflow
  • Better resource allocation (both time and labor)

Non-profit trends driving the need for digital asset management solutions

  • Ongoing social media campaigns, planned in advance and carried out consistently, by staff or an intern
  • Google+ for Non-profits, which can help grow circles of organizations, donors and volunteers
  • Inspiriting potential donors and volunteers with compelling stories through social media
  • Social media for fundraising that removes the guilt-inducing “ask,” replacing it with the celebration of fundraising milestones, good press about your non-profit, and thanking supporters

A cloud-based DAM system makes it possible for non-profit organizations to maximize marketing productivity on a limited budget. A DAM system is more than a storage space for digital assets. It's powerful tool that can capture, manage, share, and analyze thousands of digital assets — from a single global platform.

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