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Why Digital Asset Management?

In the travel and tourism industry, digital assets like photos and videos play a major role in content creation. These assets also have a strong influence on where customers spend their travel dollars, so it’s important to keep them well organized and easily accessible.

The most effective way to accomplish this is by using cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) software, like the Widen Collective. A DAM solution allows travel and tourism organizations to easily create, collect, manage, share, archive and analyze thousands of assets — from one central location.

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Control over digital assets

Cloud-based DAM gives you an incredible amount of control over large amounts of digital assets — as well as all your sales and marketing initiatives. Digital asset management software also makes it possible to collaborate on marketing materials with external partners while maintaining full control over your digital assets. This ensures the right assets are available to the right people in the right formats, 24/7.

  • Multiple brands and locations
  • Product and service launches
  • Capture and distribute content from live events

 Cloud-based DAM brings great benefits to the tourism and travel industry

  • Improve brand consistency
  • Easily repurpose assets across marketing campaigns
  • Advanced analytics that measure content performance
  • Access and share file formats for print, web and social
  • Permission controlled access levels segmented by department and/or role
  • Manage collections of digital assets including images, logos, audio and video from one central place
  • Report and track usage and activity for future budgeting and resource allocation
  • Web-based, password-protected portal that’s branded for your institution
  • 24/7 access to your content via cloud-based DAM software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Leverage assets across multiple channels for better ROI
  • Collaboration tools to review and approve creative files
  • Infrastructure, hosting, technical support and upgrades handled by Widen
  • Off-site media storage with unlimited scalability
  • Unlimited service support of your DAM system

Other benefits of digital asset management software

  • Go to market faster
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Streamlined efficiency and creative workflow
  • Better resource allocation (both time and labor)

Travel and tourism trends driving the need for cloud-based DAM solutions

  • Beacon technology: from helping airlines communicate with customers, to ever-increasing integration into the hotel experience, beacon technology is becoming more prevalent in the travel industry
  • The all-in-one experience: integration of multiple services — including travel planning, ticket booking, hotel booking, etc. — into one seamless user experience
  • Mobile-friendly: a solid mobile user experience is a must

“Our asset workflow is 100% better than what it was before Widen.”

- Lara Brucker, Deer Valley Resort

DAM software does much more than store assets. It’s a powerful workflow tool that helps travel and tourism companies create, manage, share, and analyze thousands of digital assets — not to mention improve efficiency and brand consistency — from one content hub.

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