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Modernizing Your Information Governance Strategy

Hosted by KMWorld — the authority in knowledge, content, and document management

Your business depends on having quick, easy access to accurate and dependable information in order to be successful. Yet most organizations don't prioritize the governance of their information, leaving it unstructured, unsearchable, and ultimately, unusable.

A strong strategy and a clear plan streamlines processes, keeps information current, and brings continuity to your brand. During this webinar co-hosted by KMWorld, Michael Shattuck, Widen Consulting Manager, shares what information organization can bring to your business.

Learn more about:

  • The practice of information governance
  • How to think about information governance in marketing technology
  • The approach that a large apparel company took to optimize their information
  • How Widen Consulting can revitalize unstructured information and set you up for future information governance success