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Widen + Microsoft Office 365 Connector

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Search, add, and sync assets within Microsoft Office 365

Widen’s Microsoft Office 365 Connector allows designers, marketers, and sales teams to access assets in the Widen Collective® without ever leaving Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Save time as you prepare sales and internal documents using on-brand assets directly from your digital asset management (DAM) system – no downloading and reuploading

Expand the use of your assets by making them available in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Maintain a single source of truth for teams around the world

How it works

Here’s how the Microsoft Office 365 integration, powered by the CI HUB connector, works.

Search assets by keyword, categories, file formats, filenames, metadata types and fields, collections, and upload profiles while working in Microsoft Office 365

View previews of results in a list, tile, or detail view

Refine search results using filters

See basic and custom metadata

Open files in the Microsoft application, save them locally, or drag and drop them into your file from the connector panel

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Combine the power of Microsoft Office 365 and the Widen Collective.

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A trusted partner


CI HUB was selected by Widen to support customers with the Microsoft Office 365 integration.

Hear from Widen's Senior Partner Manager, Jamie Liechty, on the value of our partnership with CI HUB.