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Widen + Outfit integration

Access your Widen Collective® assets within Outfit’s brand management and templating solution

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Improve brand consistency across your customer experience

Integrate Widen’s digital asset management (DAM) capabilities with Outfit’s brand management platform to access content from one UI.

Reduce costs by automating creative production

Remove bottlenecks by allowing a range of users to personalize content using approved assets

Launch campaigns faster and respond to opportunities sooner by empowering employees to deliver on-brand content with agility

Streamline access to content that’s up-to-date and on brand

Sync content between systems to ensure teams use the latest version of every asset.

View Collective assets and related metadata within the Outfit interface, eliminating the need to download assets from one system and upload them to another

Customize the connection between systems to display all assets or just specific folders

Pull content directly into Outfit’s advanced dynamic templates, creating consistency and scale in a few clicks

“The integration makes creating artwork an automated and seamless process because there’s really one key-source of truth—it’s a no brainer.”
Marketing and Content Executive

Global real estate company

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Combine the power of Outfit’s brand management platform and the Widen Collective.

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