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Bring content together

This integration syncs content from Sharepoint to the Widen Collective to keep teams aligned no matter which system they’re using.

Keep teams in their chosen system to streamline internal processes

Ensure teams teams are using on-brand content within SharePoint

Automatically tag assets in the Collective with relevant metadata from SharePoint List(s)

Automate the synching of updated versions from the Collective to SharePoint as new files

Drive organizational productivity

By adding final document assets to the Collective, you increase adoption of your intranet, improve organizational efficiency, and boost team productivity.

Keeping files consistent between systems allows teams to access what they need, when they need it — with confidence. 

Seamlessly sync content from Sharepoint List(s) to the Collective without disruptions to the UI

Control document access from internal management to external distribution

Use list fields from SharePoint as metadata in the Collective

Improve overall content management and create workflow efficiencies



Create an integration that enhances your unique workflow

What to consider when evaluating the Widen + SharePoint integration for your organization.

What do you want to achieve with your Widen + SharePoint integration?

What business challenges are you trying to solve with the integration?

What does your ideal Widen + SharePoint workflow look like?

Note: Files syncing from the Collective to a SharePoint library folder or as an attachment to a list item, must be under 25 MB.

Work with our team to determine which integration path is right for you.

Option one: managed integration 

Get started using Widen’s managed integration with SharePoint. With this option it’s easiest to sync from SharePoint to Widen. Syncing from Widen to SharePoint has some restrictions, including a 25 MB file size limit. If you want more flexibility, we suggest building your own integration using our API.

Option two: Widen’s API

While our managed integration is robust, we recognize that there could be scenarios better suited to a custom integration using Widen’s API. If you have a specific function in mind, partner with the Customer Success team to discuss possible solutions.

New to the Widen API? Reach out to your Widen representative to get started.