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Widen + Smartsheet integration

Stay on top of your asset updates, and connect Smartsheet and Widen

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Streamline your assets project

Eliminate the need to manually upload assets into both systems.

  • Save time by automatically syncing new or updated assets and metadata from Smartsheet to DAM
  • Stay within DAM while updating or creating rows in Smartsheet
  • Ensure the latest files are being used with one central source of truth

Leverage sync between both platforms

With the Widen + Smartsheet integration, you're always using the latest version of your Widen content

  • The integration with Smartsheet will monitor a column for new or updated rows and any changes will be updated in Widen
  • A new or edited file in Widen will create or update a row in Smartsheet
  • The integration can also be running daily to perform a search query in both assets and will update Smartsheets with any change

Getting started

Combine the power of Smartsheet and Widen.

Already using Widen and Smartsheet?
Contact your Widen representative for more details on getting started.

Not using Smartsheet yet?
If you’re a current Widen customer and ready to learn more about integrating your DAM system with Smartsheet, contact your Widen representative for more information.

Not a Widen customer? 
We can help! Request a demo to learn more about DAM functionality and discuss your integration needs.

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