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Widen + Widen integration

Sync assets from a primary digital asset management (DAM) system to other Widen DAM sites

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Automate content migration

Leverage Widen’s DAM-to-DAM integration to sync assets from one site to another.

Maintain one Widen site as the primary source of truth for all approved assets

Dynamically sync assets from the primary Widen system to one or more additional Widen sites

Eliminate the need to manually download content from one DAM site and upload it to another

Simplify metadata creation

The Widen-to-Widen integration streamlines content ingestion across multiple Widen DAM sites - even between Widen customers.

Filters for metadata, asset groups, or categories can be used to designate which assets are synced across the integrated DAM sites

A metadata field is created in each secondary DAM site to capture the asset ID in the primary DAM system, for cross reference

Metadata associated with assets uploaded to the primary DAM system can also be synced, if desired

Getting started

Extend the power of integrations across multiple Widen DAM sites.

Already have multiple Widen DAM sites? 
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Interested in implementing another Widen DAM site?
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Not a Widen customer? 
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