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Need to share a bunch of assets with a specific audience? That’s no problem with Portals.

Give your teams and partners access to the assets they need – they don’t even need to be a user of your digital asset management (DAM) system

Control access to your portals with three security settings: public, access code required, or login required. Plus, portals can be configured with an expiration date.

Provide access to portals by sharing a link, embedding them in web pages, or connecting them to Salesforce

Help your regional teams and partners access the right content by translating portals into more than 12 languages

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Enterprise DAM Software Solutions and Portals

Easy to create and maintain

Portals builds on the organization, permissions, and version control established in the DAM system.

Create beautiful, branded portals with navigation, stylized headers, and columns without any coding

Use dynamic galleries to pull in new assets from the DAM system based on a criteria you identify

Automatically display the most recent file version when a master file in the DAM system is updated

Portals for every scenario

Portals offer a flexible, attractive, and easy way to share content within a branded environment.

Brand standards portal: Encourages appropriate use of brand elements, such as logos, photography, and colors

Training portal: Serves as a central hub for a suite of training materials

Marketing operations portal: A place for your distributed marketing team(s) to get the right assets for their campaigns

Channel portal: Gives partners like dealers and retailers access to product-specific assets that support the sales process

Quick share portal: Offers a convenient way to share a handful of assets with any audience

Event portal: Provides a simple way to distribute event photos and videos to attendees

Sales portal: Supplies sales teams with the most recent version of collateral and customer examples

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