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April 2021 Release Notes

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Below is what we released in the Widen Collective® in April 2021.


Assets: Asset Digest updates


See assets that are associated with integrations

New in the Asset Digest is the ability to see assets that are used in any integrations. If you’re using our API, an integration link will be added to the asset by calling the app. It will be listed under Asset associations, giving you a better view of where your assets are located.


Integration links display under Asset associations in the Asset Digest.


Return to the previous page

Also in the Asset Digest, when you’re reviewing an asset and want to go back to the previous page, you can now select Return to be taken to that page.


In the Asset Digest, click Return to be taken back to the previous page.


There’s an updated look for attached documents

When you’re looking at an attached document in the Asset Digest, you may notice an improved look to the page. We’ve made some minor updates to how the filename and download button display.


Assets: Add your 360° images to the Collective!

When you’re looking to give online shoppers increased confidence in making a buying decision, along with more detailed information about products, and increase online sales, you may be looking to get 360-degree spin photography for those products. That’s where what are known as spinsets in the Widen Collective® come in.

Spinsets are ZIP files that contain a series of PNG or JPG images of products. ZIP files of images can be uploaded to the Collective, then downloaded, shared, or included in other apps, like Portals and Entries.


Download or share 360-degree images.


Learn more about 360° images in the “Is 360-degree photography supported in the Collective?” article.


Assets: Categories display and content updates


Display updates

We’ve heard requests from many admins that you’d like a simpler way for your users to easily browse to find the assets they need. One of the popular ways they browse is through the use of categories. Effective Monday, April 26, 2021, when they’re enabled on your site, they’ll now see the categories option listed first in the secondary navigation. If categories aren’t enabled, activity and collections will display.


Categories display in the secondary navigation in your site.


With this update comes removal of the Dashboard link, but they can return to the dashboard anytime by clicking your site’s logo in the top left.

After selecting a category, users can browse through parent and child categories similar to how they browse on e-commerce sites. View all assets in the selected category, return to previously selected categories, or return to all categories to find other assets.


Content updates

To add clarity around searches for categories, we’ve simplified the content that displays when you select a category. Previously, after selection, the category title displayed as a clickable link, along with the title of “All Assets” directly below. Now, breadcrumbs for the parent and child categories are displayed up to the current category selected, and the name of the current category displays as the title. If the level of categories exceeds five, an ellipsis truncates the categories in the middle of the breadcrumbs list.

Here’s how a category search for marketing materials displayed before we updated content:


The old view of categories information.


And now after, with breadcrumbs and the title of the current category.


The new view of categories information.


We’ve also made some minor tweaks to categories content in the left navigation. Those include:

  • The Search Categories filter is now titled Categories.
  • We’ve replaced the all button with the Back button.


Changes to how you return to all categories.


Assets: Resolved issues

  • The issue with the ability to generate credentials for both Adobe CC Connector - Designer and Adobe CC Connector - Video, even though users don’t have permission for one or the other, has been resolved.
  • The issue with not being able to edit registration codes with longer names has been resolved.
  • The issue with search results displaying in three- or one-column formats has been resolved.


Portals resolved issue

  • The issue with not being able to share from a portal has been resolved.


Workflow: New stage due date column in list views

To give clarity to reviewers and proof providers on when they need to complete their tasks for deliverables, you’ll see a column with due dates for review stages when you’re in list view. Previously, only the final due date for the deliverable was displayed in list view. While that’s still indicated, the stage due date gives a better picture of where each deliverable is at.

For added efficiency, sort the list by stage or deliverable due dates!


See stage due dates in the list view in Workflow.

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