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February 2022 Release Notes

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Here’s a list of improvements to the Widen Collective® in February. 

Entries: Associate assets to products

In the past, assigning assets to a product in Entries was manual and time consuming. Now, you can set up a managed integration to automatically associate product images, videos, brochures, and other assets to attributes in Entries, based on events you define. Assets can be automatically associated to attributes as new products are created or updated in Entries, as new assets are uploaded to Assets, or as asset metadata values change. 

Portals: Increased asset download limit

You can now download up to 1,000 assets at once from a portal. We increased the limit from 250 to 1,000 to make the download experience faster and easier.

Assets: Support for Figma files

Finding Figma files in the Collective just got easier. Figma files are now recognized as a file format, meaning when you search, you can filter for these assets even if “.fig” does not appear in the filename. Also, when you download a Figma asset, “.fig” will appear in the downloaded asset’s filename. 

API: Increased rate limit

To improve performance of managed integrations, we increased the rate limit of calls per second to the API from 10 to 50. Uploads are included in the rate limit, and chunked uploads are limited to 40 concurrent uploads. 

Accessibility: New toggle design

Toggles in the Collective now appear with on and off labels that can be read by a screen reader. These new toggles meet WCAG guidelines for Label in name and On input.

List of paths showing new toggle design in the on position

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