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February 2023 Release Notes

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Lots of updates to report this month! We launched mandatory fields in uploader, new integrations with Hubspot and Optimizely, FTP for EU customers, and much more. 

Brand-new Quick View experience 

Quick View in Asset Digest has a new look! Now, you can easily zoom in and out of images.

Quick view module with bike photo displayed


Mandatory fields and more uploader updates

The asset uploader had three enhancements this month.

  • Admins can make metadata fields mandatory for others to fill out in the asset uploader. Learn how to turn on the mandatory fields setting.
  • With the right permissions, you can create new metadata values within the uploader, instead of having to go to the Admin app.
  • Clear all and select all are now options when selecting metadata values. 

metadata field dropdown with select all as an option and years listed as options


New integrations with Hubspot and Optimizely

Save time by automatically syncing new or updated assets with HubSpot or Optimizely.

Category filter for portal asset sections

In portal asset sections, you can now filter by asset category.

settings module with selected filters shown and asset category as an option


FTP for EU customers

If you’re in the European Union, you now have the hostname in the FTP panel of your user settings and will use it to connect, log in, and upload assets. If you’re in the U.S., you have in the FTP panel. The old domain will continue to work as an alternate domain.

Access codes and download all assets in Channel Portals

We released two Channel Portals improvements this month. When you share a published channel portal with others, they can now download all product assets from the portal in their original format. 

For increased portal security, you can create an access code that others must enter to access and view your channel portal.  

published channel portal showing bike product and the download all button

Bug fixes

  • An issue with selecting and deselecting assets while search results are loading has been resolved.
  • A bug with intended use was fixed. Users will no longer get asked about intended use when downloading an asset from the Asset Digest Quick View if the intended use feature is disabled.
  • Insights charts filtered to only show searches with 0 to 1 result will now show the label “0 to 1” instead of “Less than 1.”
  • An issue with document outline text for PDFs being hard to read in light mode has been resolved.
  • The Mandatory Required Metadata Fields feature toggle was fixed so that global admins can enable and disable it without Widen Customer Support assistance.
  • An issue with the asset share and download menu in search results not displaying correctly in Chrome has been resolved. 

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