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July 2021 Release Notes

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Here it is - the latest release notes with details about all the updates and bug fixes that we worked on in the Widen Collective® in July 2021! We’re moving to this blog-like format to provide a more predictable experience, so you’ll be seeing these each month.

We’ll continue to release new versions of the Collective every two weeks, and those versions will include updates to the apps and any bug fixes. Learn more and see the schedule of releases in our “Release Process and Schedule” support article.

As new functionality,  updates, and bug fixes are released, you’ll see notification of that in the new Product Update Hub.

With that, let’s recap! We’ll start with updates to the Assets app, then work our way through updates to and any bug fixes in other apps. Links to support articles with more information are included, where relevant.


Assets: See related assets by look

Find the assets you need to fit the look and feel of your next campaign from the Related assets by look in the Asset Digest. Powered by AI technology, view related assets with similar colors, feeling, or landscape, which helps save you from recreating assets and endless searching.



Assets: Updates and resolved issues

    • CAPTCHA text is no longer masked, so it’s easier for users to enter when registering for an account.
    • The issue with users not being able to log in to the Collective via single sign-on has been resolved.
    • The issue with ampersands displaying incorrectly in collection titles and descriptions has been resolved.

Entries: Update

    • You can now import XLSX files of products and export them to channels.


Insights: Resolved issue

    • The issue with values not being included in Insights exports for portals when views are the source has been resolved.


Portals: Create dynamic galleries with filters in Brand Portals

Need to provide a large number of assets to audiences, but find it difficult to keep portals up-to-date with the latest content? If so, Brand Portals offer the unique feature of dynamic galleries, where the included assets are based on live search results from the Assets app. There’s a new option in dynamic galleries where you can add filters, which will keep the section updated with the latest assets based on filters you select. Filter by asset group, category, filenames, and controlled vocabularies. Custom filters continue to be available.



Portals: Accessibility updates to asset thumbnails

To help users who make use of screen readers or keyboard actions, as well as those using touch actions on mobile devices, we’ve updated the look and feel of asset thumbnails both in the Live Editor and in live portals. You’ll see these user interface enhancements:

    • Asset previews, filenames, and actions are always displayed.
    • There’s more contrast when you hover over an asset thumbnail.
    • There’s an expanded click area around previews to show larger views.



Portals: Resolved issues

    • In collection sections and video playlist sections, the issue with share links and embed codes for Video with Player and Download and Video (No player) assets not displaying has been resolved.
    • The issue with portals that require a login displaying as not active has been resolved.
    • The issue with edited names of portals not saving has been resolved.
    • The issue with adding or updating security settings - including, but not limited to, updating access codes, changing security to login required, and editing expiration dates - has been resolved.

Workflow: Update

You’ll see these updates related to filenames in the enhanced proofer:

    • The filename displayed is that of the file, rather than the project name. 
    • Downloads of files will include the filename, rather than the project name.
    • When exporting comments to PDF, the filename will be included in the export.

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