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March 2021 Release Notes

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Below is what we released in the Widen Collective® in March 2021.


Assets: Visited links now change color!

To increase the navigation and color contrast for all users, we’ve made an update to links in the Collective. Links you haven’t visited are dark blue in color, and after you select them, they’ll change to purple.

Selected links change to purple.


Assets: Update and resolved issue

  • For faster load times and better performance, you can now use embed codes for WEBP images in your websites.
  • The issue with the Quick View button flickering after we updated the browser maximum width to 1,920 pixels and with use of the Adobe CC Connector has been resolved.


Assets: Changes to Results for content for search results

To add clarity around search terms you enter, we’ve simplified how those terms display in quick searches, advanced searches, and category searches. Previously, introductory text and double quotes were used with the search terms. We’ve removed the intro text and quotes, and now only the search term will be quoted in quick searches and advanced searches. In category searches, the category name will display without quotes.

Here’s how the text appears before the change for an advanced search for assets that are blue in color:

How results text displayed before we updated it.

And now after!

How results text now displays.

Admin: Paths feature - Notify users when assets are going to expire

On March 29, 2021, using the Paths feature, you’ll be able to begin notifying users when assets are going to expire. Select to notify them about assets that expire that day or in the next 15, 30, or 60 days. When the notification is sent, they’ll receive an email with links to the expiring assets’ Asset Details page, along with the assets’ expiration dates, so they can go in and take appropriate action.

Select to notify users when assets are going to expire when sending a path notification.

Learn more in the “How do I add a path?” article.


Entries: Add variants to products

If you’re tasked with adding details to products in Entries, but have so many individual sellable products, it can be time consuming and error prone to add the same description, marketing copy, and other attributes to each product. Enter...variants!

On Monday, March 15, 2021, you’ll have the ability to link similar products, or variants, to what’s called a parent product. Attributes are applied to parent products, and those attributes will be applied to the variants, saving you time and reducing errors in the information that’s stored for each product. (You can also edit attributes that are unique to variants.)

Link variants to parent products from the product details page.

Learn more about linking variants to parents in “How do I add variants to products?”


Insights: Resolved issue

  • The issue with a portal name not being included or Unknown being listed in the From Portal column in exports has been resolved. Going forward, exports will include this information.

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